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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is Windows Vista as bad as some are saying?

Does Vista suck? I think it depends. When you buy Vista already installed, say on a new home PC, the manufacturer has taken some steps to insure that it is compatible with all the hardware. If it also happens to be compatible with all your hardware peripherals, or devices you add to it later, you would likely have a good impression. But if it's not compatible with peripheral devices you used previously with XP, or new things you bought, you would think differently.

The greatest criticism seems to come from people who have tried to upgrade existing Win XP computers to Vista. Here is one example from Steven J. Vaughan Nichols at, who talks about his friend, and avid Windows user, who is uninstalling Vista from all his machines:

Second-rate Vista has Windows fans looking to Linux
[...] I'm now editor at large for Ziff Davis Enterprise, which means I get to stick my nose into just about any technology that interests me, and Jim's just left being the editor in chief of PC Magazine to take over Revision3, an Internet television network focused on developing programming for the on-demand generation. When it comes to operating systems these days, I'm now using SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) 10 SP 1 and MEPIS 6.5 on my work desktops and Jim's switching back from Vista to XP on his workday machines.

Yes, that's right. A loyal Windows user of more than 15-years is throwing in the towel on Vista. You can read his story for why he finds Vista so annoying, but I'll sum it up for you: Vista sucks.

The drivers don't drive, running programs won't run or won't stop running, applications don't apply and networking won't net. I feel his pain.

I keep two copies of Vista Ultimate up so that when I want to compare Vista with a Linux desktop I'm able to actually use Vista so I can make a fair comparison between Vista and its Linux competition. Vista just doesn't cut it. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) Yikes! Read the whole thing for more details. Is it any wonder so many people are saying this a window of opportunity for Mac OS and Linux to make big inroads in the Desktop market?

I think Microsoft has always been too content to release buggy software, and too willing to expect people to just put up with it. I know one friend, a business woman, who is wanting to buy a new PC, but is putting it off, because she doesn't want to deal with Windows Vista.

Apparently many people feel that way. Have you noticed how cheap the price of computer memory is lately? That's because a surplus was manufactured, in anticipation of people wanting to upgrade to Vista. But the rush they anticipated hasn't materialized, so they are cutting prices and selling memory cheap.

I once worked for an accountant, who advised "Never buy the first version of ANYTHING by Microsoft. Let other people be the guinea pigs first." I have found that to be sensible advice. I only got Windows XP after it had been out for a while. I got it already installed on a new computer I bought, and service pack 2 had just come out.

My experience with XP has been mostly positive. It helped that many of the bugs had been corrected by the time I started using it. Perhaps this will become true for Vista too; only time will tell. But in the meantime, alternatives like Linux, BSD and Mac OSX may find lots of new customers.

Windows Vista is the best thing to happen to Apple
[...] I do work on both an Apple and a PC – but haven’t yet upgraded my PC to Windows Vista as of yet; don’t know if I ever will. I am consulting with a start-up in northern Virginia and their entire team upgraded – I’ve heard nothing but endless complaints since. I thought it was funny that Vista has so many options and all seems to miss the mark. [...]

It will be interesting to watch how this all unfolds. More viable choices in the marketplace could only be a good thing for everyone in the long run, IMO.

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