Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Farm Report: Another Chick Flick...

Ok, I'm sure you're tired of seeing chicks. But these 3 three-day old chicks are the last of the season, and they are so tiny I couldn't resist. Hopefully they really are the last of the season; they were hatched outside from a secret renegade nest.

I got some really good closeup shots:

The chick is a Bantam chick, about the size of my thumb, so the close-up really is close.

You have to see the video though, to appreciate the little peeper and siblings in action. The video is also a good demo of the camcorder's auto focus at work, as I move the chick towards and away from the lens.

The video is about 1 minute and 37 seconds long. Toward the end, while I'm filming the chicks with their mommy, you can hear one of our guinea fowls screeching outside the window. I got a shot of it just as it was running away. And a brief shot of Herbie, our chihuahua-dachshund mix, disapproving of it all.

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Walker said...

LOVED IT! My dogs went nuts trying to figure out where that chick was. Those chicks are mouthy little things, eh?

So what is the alleged motor sound the mic picks up? I could barely hear anything above that cute little squawker. At the very beginning we hear a sort of high pitch that it or is that just the sort of echo one often hears.

Chas said...

The sound is so realistic, that when I was editing the footage, Andy came into the room, to see why I had brought chicks into the house.

That high pitch sound is indeed the motor. I had expected something more mechanical sounding, but that's it.

When you read the reviews by users on, a bunch of people claim that sound ruins everything, and makes the camera worthless. Other's say it's no big deal, it's hardly noticeable. I tend toward the latter opinion, but I admit, it's a lot more noticeable if you are filming a quiet scene. Whether or not that "ruins" the footage is a contentious topic.

I have yet to test the external mic, I shall do that soon. Many have said that "fixes" the problem, for those who believe it is one.

The M -n- M Girls said...

I have a random chick that looks just like that! What kind of Bantam's are they? Loud little tykes aren't they? =)


Chas said...

Fighting bantams, I would think. They are very small and very fierce. We bought them from a lady who just wanted to get rid of them, she didn't seem to know much about them.