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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Thugs go after NRO Journalist

From Michelle Malkin:

Next, the Obama thugs came for Stanley Kurtz

First, they came for TV stations daring to air an independent ad about Barack Obama and unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

Next, they came for GOP donors.

Now, they are shamelessly attacking National Review investigative journalist Stanley Kurtz — one of conservatism’s most thoughtful and penetrating writers on academic and educational affairs. Kurtz has been at the forefront probing Obama’s relationships with left-wing ideologues. It was his public information request and public call for help that led to the University of Illinois - Chicago finally releasing tons of files that shed light on the Obama/Ayers working relationship. The Obama camp is condemning Kurtz in harsher terms than it ever condemned the terrorist Ayers. Kurtz has been attacked now as a “right-wing hatchet man” and “slimy character assassin.”

Here are the Kurtz-smearing talking points the Obama campaign sent to its worshipers.

As I reported yesterday, Kurtz spent two hours on legendary radio talk show host Milt Rosenberg’s Chicago program on WGN last night detailing his initial findings. The Obama campaign went ballistic — and in typical Chicago mafia-style, smeared Kurtz and tried to shut down the show. [...]

NRO is a respectable conservative magazine. Over the years I've really appreciated it's in depth debate and discussion of political issues, and it's thorough, calm and rational examination of the facts pertaining to any situation.

Stanley Kurtz is simply looking through documents that should have been made available to the public anyhow, to see if what Obama has said about his association with Bill Ayers is true. If Obama has nothing to hide, then let him hide nothing. If he didn't lie, then what is he worried about? Does he need to be reminded that this isn't Venezuela?

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At Thu Aug 28, 11:07:00 AM 2008, Blogger Walker said...

It actually amazes me that the Dems see nothing wrong with this.

At Fri Aug 29, 02:35:00 PM 2008, Blogger Chas said...

It's one of the things I find the most off putting about the Democrat party. They feel they have the right to criticize anyone, but nobody must criticize them. They feel they should always be exempt from critical examination, and anyone who tries it should be silenced by any means. It's a sure sign of a party that can't win arguments through debate. Silencing their opponents is all that is left to them.


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