Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Keating Five, Obama and John Glenn

From Nealz Nuze: WEAK
[...] Charles Keating was not KNOWN to be a corrupt businessman when his relationship with McCain began. Bill Ayers WAS known to be a terrorist when his relationship with Obama began. If you buddy up with someone who later turns out to be a crook, that's one thing. If you begin an association with someone known to already be a crook – in this case a terrorist – that's quite another. Come on, folks. This stuff is so easy. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) Is the distinction so hard to make? Besides, McCain was acquitted of any wrong doing, so where is the scandal? And if being one of the Keating Five is so scandalous, why does Obama have one of them, John Glenn, helping him on his campaign? Someone should ask him:

Keating Five Member is Obama Surrogate
If Barack Obama is so outraged at John McCain’s involvement in the Keating Five scandal, why is John Glenn, another Keating Five member, doing surrogate work for Obama? [...]

Glenn, like McCain, was found not guilty of violating any Senate rules. Obama has no problem with Glenn, but wants to tar McCain? What makes Obama believe he can have it both ways?

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