Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Check out the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus

He has some interesting things to say:

Vaclav Fights the Dragon
[...] "To consider one of the organizational methods of Europe as sacrosanct, untouchable, that cannot be questioned or criticized, is contrary to the very nature of Europe."

Or this:

"It is necessary to return to the Laeken declaration and to re-negotiate the Treaty of Lisbon. It is necessary to decentralize, to speak in such a way that powers are restored on the national level, closer to the citizens, in order to change supra-nationalism into inter-governmentalism."

The Laeken declaration is the text by which the Convention on the future of Europe was summoned, and which led to the Constitutional Treaty. It is indeed necessary to return to the point of departure, and then to move in another direction: that of respect for the peoples.

Vaclav klaus is due to serve a 6 month term as President of the European Union when French President Sarkozy finishes his term. Looks like he intends to make some waves and rock the boat. Let's hope so.

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