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Monday, April 13, 2009

WikiHow: for the Awkward Questions

I get random wikiHow links on my iGoogle page every morning. Sometimes they are interesting and or unusual topics. Today's wikiHow tackles an awkward topic:

How to Use a Squat Toilet
If you're traveling to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Latin America, you're likely to encounter a squat toilet (otherwise known as a squatty potty). Even though most of the people in the world (and most of the people throughout human history) find squatting to be the most natural way to go, it can be an intimidating (and messy) task if you've never done it before. Sure, the explicitness of these instructions might make you a little uncomfortable, but not nearly as uncomfortable as it'd be to ask someone how to use a squat toilet, or walk away from one with a mess on the floor and on your clothes. [...]

OK, I can see why reading the wikiHow could save you some... trouble. It then goes on thru the 7 steps of the process... and ends with a video on the topic.

Very educational. In some counties, when they say "Public Restroom", they REALLY do mean PUBLIC. Yikes.

And in some areas of rural China... well, see the video. If you dare ;-)

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