Thursday, May 11, 2017

My "new" iPhone 5s

Yes, it's an old model. I got a refurbished one from Tracfone for $129.00. I've never had an iPhone before, I do like it, it seems well designed, easy to use with lots of little convenient features. Here is a Youtube video that explains how to use a lot of the basic features:

My sister has one, and she got one for my Dad. I wanted to be able to use FaceTime with them, so I got one too. It may be an older model, but the iOS is version 10.XX, it's up to date, and all things considered, it's both impressive and affordable.



dawnymarieeeee said...

Super good informative video and blog entry- in the market for a phone - and *lean in as I need to whisper- there are over 5 billion human beings on Planet Earth and I have never owned a cellphone - for no real good reason -just became fun to be a techno holdout - which does not make sense in light of the fact I use my laptop and twitter - Utube - and it would be awesome to have music a touch away - this was extremely helpful - ty for posting - are you enjoying your IPhone - have you kept this one - what do you use it for -

Chas said...

I kept it! I use if for the Facetime app, for talking to my father. He finds it easier to use than Skype.