Thursday, January 01, 2009

Have a Happy, Healthy & Prospersous New Year

This past year, an election year, was a tough one. I spent a lot of my time blogging about politics, in a contentious election. I won't be doing as much politics in 2009.

Oh, I'm sure I will do some political posts, I will criticize, but not like I did during the election. In 2008 I was working to save something. But we lost. I'm a realist. We have Democrats in control, they are going to do many things I don't like, because they are who they are. I'm not going to bang my head against the wall about it. We have to expect Democrats to be Democrats. I'll pick and choose my battles carefully.

We have some very grave challenges facing us in the next four years, both domestically and globally. I'll be praying for our president and our entire government to make wise choices. As Americans, we all have an investment in wishing our new President and his Administration a certain amount of success; there are key areas in which America must succeed.

I'll also be praying for the Republican party to find some unity and build a genuine coalition with a BIG tent, so they can become an effective political opposition and start winning elections again. That can only happen if all the ideological factions of the Republican party stop taking hostages, learn to compromise, and learn to understand the strength, power and value of incremental change. It's the greatest challenge our party faces over the next four years; to grow and become relevant again. ALL Republicans can contribute to that, if we unite and battle the political opposition, instead of each other.

I may spend less time blogging this year, and more time pursing other interests, but I will also be posting about whatever I am studying or working on. Blogging was more fun when I wasn't posting about politics all the time, and I intend to go back to that. I'm making a New Year's Resolution to have more FUN in 2009.

Best Wishes to All for the New Year!

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