Monday, October 25, 2010

Are you ready for "Wi-Fi Direct certified"?

Ya better be, because it's here. What IS it? Have a look:

Wi-Fi Direct: What You Need To Know
[...] Wi-Fi Direct is an emerging technology meant to meet the growing demand for easy, portable wireless network connectivity. It's peer-to-peer wireless networking, which means that devices such as notebooks, tablets, cameras, and printers can "find" one another and establish wireless connectivity without need of the presence of a wireless router, an access point, or a hotspot.

How is it used? Imagine synching your mobile device or laptop to a printer, digital photo frame, or TV without connecting to a Wi-Fi network. No worry about SSIDs or passwords to access them.

There are a few key features to know about Wi-Fi Direct: [...]

Read the rest for a more detailed explanation of what it is... and isn't. For instance, Wi-Fi Direct is not the same as ad-hoc networking, and it explains why.

All this stuff changes so quickly. No sooner do I get my head wrapped around a concept, when it then changes. Though on the plus side, I will say that, overall, wireless networking is getting better, and becoming easier for the average non-geek user to deal with.

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