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Saturday, January 07, 2006

For me it started with
"The Death of Right and Wrong"...

My own personal reasons why I value, appreciate and recommend the books of Tammy Bruce

I've been wanting to do some posts about Tammy Bruce's new book, “The New American Revolution: Using the Power of the Indivdual to Save Our Nation from Extremists”, with some short excerpts from the book. But before I do that, I want to explain how I came to value Tammy's work, and why I feel it's important.

Tammy Bruce is an openly lesbian, pro-choice, pro-death penalty, gun owning feminist Democrat who voted for Reagan. During the '90s she was president of the Los Angeles chapter of N.O.W., and had a major conflict with the national leadership of that organization at the time of the O.J. Simpson trial. That precipitated her journey to find own true voice. She now has her own radio show in Los Angeles.

“The New American Revolution is her 3rd book. She has written two others, the first being “The New Thought Police: Inside the Lefts Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds”. That book is essentially about the rise of the left-wing Thought Police, and the tactics powerful leftist special interests groups are using to assault our rights in the name of “social equality”.

Her second book, which is the one that I read first, is called “The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left's Assault on Our Culture and Values”. This book goes into more detail about the left, their hidden agendas and how they operate, and how, when , where and why they have succeeded and are continuing to succeed in furthering those agendas

“The Death of Right and Wrong” also has a very strong personal element to it. It starts off with a dramatic and tragic story from Tammy's life. It involves actor Bill Bixby, and his wife, soap opera star Brenda Benet (Days of our Lives), and a young 17 year old Tammy Bruce.

I won't go into the details here, I would urge you to read it for yourself. Tammy says she never wanted to tell this personal story publicly, but was urged to do so by her friend, Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Remember “Dr. Laura”, the radio talk show host and best selling author, who was going to have her own TV show too, until a massive campaign was mounted by the left to run her off TV, before her show was even launched? Supposedly because she was a hate filled homophobe. That is another story in “Death of Right and Wrong” that you may be shocked to find out the truth about.

Those of you who came to my blog via the blog of “Born Again Redneck” may already know a bit about me, but for those of you who don't, I should explain that Born Again Redneck is my partner of 25 years. Like Tammy Bruce, I am homosexual.

That is not a topic I like to talk about a lot in public, but I feel the need to mention it here because it's relevant to why I am so enthusiastic about what Tammy has to say about the left and what they are doing to our country.

She knows what she is talking about, because she has lived in the Belly of the Beast. She was a leftist activist leader for many years, and speaks with authority because of her experience.

I lived in San Francisco for 23 years. The city was left wing when I got there, and as the years wore on, it only became more and more so. As a young man, I went along with quite a bit of leftist ideology. It never fit me 100%, but I was easy going and I tolerated a lot of it. As I got older, the left seemed to get more strident and politically correct, and I found it harder and harder to tolerate.

After 9/11, the left just started to seem INSANE to me. It was all America's fault, we deserved it, America was the biggest force for evil in the world, Republicans were Nazi's and if you didn't agree, you must be a Nazi too.

We owned a restaurant at the time, and I waited on tables in the evenings. Many of our customers were school teachers, and I was horrified by the things I would overhear them saying. Some examples:

"Europe is so highly evolved. When I meet Europeans here, I just have to apologize profusely for how sick and evil America is. I wish San Francisco could suceed from the united states and become part of France. They are SO much better than we are."

"We just came back from our vacation in Cuba. It was WONDERFUL. It was so harmonious, everyone agreed about everything, not like here in America, where everyone fights and argues about politics all the time. In Cuba they have re-education camps they can send people to, to make sure everyone thinks in the right way. Why can't we have that HERE? Especially for the Republicans."

"The majority of Americans are ignorant sheep. Democracy is not only useless, but dangerous for such people. They need to be TOLD what to do, not given freedom to decide for themselves. They're too stupid to make wise choices, decisions must be made FOR them, by those of us who know better."

"Democracy just causes conflict. We need a one-party state, where all the decisions are made by intelligent people. No one should have to listen to opposing points of view which are just nonsense anyway."

“Why must we have trials for people that we all KNOW are wrong? We know who the wrong people are by what they think and say, so why have lawsuits? They shouldn't have any rights, they should just be thrown in jail, it's that simple.”

"It's VERY important that we ALL agree."

Tammy gives some very good insights into where that thinking comes from, and how it's perpetuated, encouraged, and used against ordinary Americans.

It seems that about 70 percent of the things she writes about I already knew from my own experience, having lived in such a leftist environment for so long. But then she fills in the 30 percent I didn't know, then she connects the dots. Suddenly, a lot of things I couldn't explain before now make sense. The deceptions are now transparent, the true agendas seem obvious, and things I suspected all along are now explainable. It's like a light has been turned on, and all the horrible things in the dark I had been stepping on and bumping into are not only visible and understandable, but removable and replaceable.

So in short, Tammy's first book, “The New Thought Police”, identifies the danger and it's sources and tactics. Book two, “Death of Right and Wrong” elaborates on nature of the left, it's deceptions and agendas, how and why it succeeds, and the damage it has done and continues to do.

Book three, “The New American Revolution”, is about what she has learned from all of this, what other like-minded people have shared with her, and what we can all do about it.

I intend to do some future posts about items discussed in her books, with some brief excerpts, but I wanted to post this first, in lieu of and explanation as to why.

In the meantime, if you find any of this at all interesting, you might want to read her books, and/or visit her website at


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