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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Serious or suicidal?

Here is Thomas Sowell from his recent article on allowing Iran to become a nuclear power:


...The squeamishness, indecision, and wishful thinking of the West are its greatest dangers because the West has the power to destroy any other danger. But it does not have the will.

Partly this is because most of our Western allies have been sheltered from the brutal realities of the international jungle for more than half a century under the American nuclear umbrella.

People insulated from dangers for generations can indulge themselves in the illusion that there are no dangers -- as much of Western Europe has. This is part of the "world opinion" that makes us hesitant to take any decisive action to prevent a nightmare scenario of nuclear weapons in the hands of hate-filled fanatics.

Do not look for Europe to support any decisive action against Iran. But look for much of their intelligentsia, and much of our own intelligentsia as well, to be alert for any opportunity to wax morally superior if we do act...

You can read the entire article here.


At Tue Jan 03, 08:22:00 AM 2006, Blogger TexasFred said...

Sowell is a great writer, I like the guy a lot...

And Chas, Thanks for joining the Texas Connection Blog Roll, we are glad to have you... WELCOME...

At Tue Jan 03, 11:24:00 PM 2006, Blogger Chas said...

I have been reading Sowell's articles for many years, and have learned a lot from him.

Thank you for the welcome, and the opportunity to be listed with so many other fine blogs.


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