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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Firefox memory leaks, Linux Applications and two BSD reviews

It's been a while since I've come across any interesting technology news, but I have noticed a few things lately.

About the Firefox "memory leak"
One of them is about Memory leaks in the Firefox Web browser. There is a blog post about this at Inside Firefox. It seems that with Firefox 1.5, that what some people percieve as a memory leak isn't that at all, it's a feature meant to improve page reloading, and it can easily be turned off or adjusted.

I won't repeat the whole thing here, but if you have any problems with how Firefox 1.5 is using your computers RAM, I would recommend following the link and reading the post. Some of the comments left there indicate that the information has been very helpful to some people.

Applications for Windows wanted for Linux
People who are considering switching to linux, may wonder if there are applications available to them in linux that are the same as or similar to what they were using in Windows. has an article called "Linux substitutes for "most wanted" Windows-only software" that may be of interest to anyone who is considering moving to Linux. It's based on Novell Inc.'s survey of the "most wanted" Windows and MacOS-only applications among Linux users, a result of over 14,000 votes and comments.

Two great reviews of PC-BSD
If you like trying out different Unix based Operating Systems for desktop use, you may be interested in these two fine reviews of PC-BSD. The first one,"PC-BSD : A user friendly BSD flavour geared for the desktop", published on the "All About Linux" blog, walks you through an install, with screenshots, and links to other related subjects, like disk partitioning.

Another good review is "PC-BSD brings BSD to the desktop", at NewsForge.


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