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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Lying Danish Imams
Should be Put to DEATH...

... according to Islam!

Here is an excerpt from Paul Belien's article The Cartoon Hoax from the Brussel's Journal (Hat tip to Michelle Malkin):

...Denmark is being punished at the instigation of radical imams because twelve cartoonists have depicted Muhammad. However, these imams created their own three Muhammad images. They have even presented a French clown as being Muhammad. Because the twelve JP cartoonists are not Muslims, the Muslim blasphemy laws do not apply to them. But these laws do apply to the imams. Consequently, these imams deserve death. They – and no-one else – depicted the prophet as a pig – the highest imaginable insult in Islam.

...Western papers and blogs that published the twelve cartoons were right to do so. If they had not published, no-one would have been able to ascertain that the pigsnout was not among them. If they had not published, the cheating, blasphemous imams would have got away with their lies. The public is served by information, never harmed by it. Let this be a lesson to the cowards of The Guardian, SBS, the BBC and the British and American mainstream media, who “out of respect” for Islam would have allowed blasphemous imams to get away with their gross insult of the prophet, with slander and libel, and with the violent acts which they instigated...

But of course the Imams won't be put to death, because this whole drama isn't really about religion or offending cartoons, an Egyptian Newspaper published the 12 cartoons last October, and there were no riots. It's about political power and leverage for Iran and Syria. I hate to keep posting on this cartoon drama so much, but the details just keep unfolding...


By Michelle Malkin. An exerpt:

...In addition to the fake drawings and photos and the other lies included in the Danish imams' propaganda pamphlet posted over at The Counterterrorism Blog, my reader reports that Danish radio has enumerated additional falsehoods.

The imams reportedly spread lies that the Jyllands-Posten had 120 cartoons, not 12, and that the paper was owned by the government. (There are no state-run newspapers in Denmark.) In addition, the imams reportedly claimed that the Danish government would censor the Koran, burn the Koran, and that Danes were planning to make a blasphemous movie about Mohammed. (Brussels Journal and Jyllands-Posten had initial reports on these lies. See here and here.)

The full Danish radio report is here.

It's in Danish and I'm looking for someone who has the time to do a full English translation. Thanks. (Update: Translation below. in extended entry. Thanks to my Danish readers.)

Meanwhile Dennis at Neander News follows up on how the Danish press is putting the heat on the Danish imams...

Even under Danish law, they can be prosecuted for what they've done. And so they should be.

And WHERE IS THE AMERICAN MSN ON ALL OF THIS! It's truely shocking. If it wasn't for the blogosphere, what would we all be thinking now? I thought journalism was supposed to dig for the truth?

You can read the Michelle's entire post (and her many reference links) HERE.

Related Links:

An excerpt: [On the American media's unwillingness to show the cartoons:]

...You can't have a story about a cartoon without seeing the cartoon. In fact, when you see the cartoons published by the Danish newspapers, they are mild in comparison with what's published every day in Islamic fundamentalists newspapers and in Syrian newspapers, in Egyptian newspapers, in Saudi Arabian newspapers. So you have to see the cartoon to get a sense of how outrageous these attacks on the Danish embassy [are] and the hypocrisy across the Middle East is.


Yes, there ARE other things happening in the world ;)

Debra Burlingame Puts the NSA in Perspective

From An excerpt:

Ms. Burlingame, the sister of Charles F. "Chic" Burlingame, pilot of American Airlines Flight 77, which was crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, tends to put a lot of things in perspective for us. She is also the one who initially exposed the hijacking of Ground Zero by George Soros' gang. A horrible situation we eventually were able to reverse in part because of her passion. Remember that?

Now, she reminds us what's at stake in the WoT and why the NSA surveillance program is important...

...In 1999, the NSA began monitoring a known al Qaeda "switchboard" in Yemen that relayed calls from Osama bin Laden to operatives all over world. The surveillance picked up the phone number of a "Khalid" in the United States — but the NSA didn't intercept those calls, fearing it would be accused of "domestic spying." ...

To the Democrats: "Duuh!" Isn't it obvious to most people, that if we are going to foil terrorist plots, we have to find out about them first?

You can read Tammy's post Here.

And last but not least, some interesting links from Nealz Nuze:

John Stossel, a champion of school choice, talks about the uproar in South Carolina over the governor there sending his kids to a private school.  Turns out the public schools weren't too why shouldn't people have a choice?

For some reason, Democrats get off big-time when it comes to their history with civil rights and race. As Bruce Bartlett points out, it was the Democrats that held onto slavery and clung to the Jim Crow laws of the South.

Do people have a right to free medical care, food and housing?  Not hardly...Dr. Walter E. Williams says none of those "rights" appear in the U.S. Constitution.  But that hasn't stopped liberals from trying to put them there.

The mainstream media and the left continually push the notion that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But Thomas Sowell calls that a myth, and points to some interesting statistics to back things up.


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