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Friday, February 10, 2006


Looks like Danish TV has a spine. In a recent interview with a Danish imam... well, here is an excerpt from Michelle Malkin:

Danish TV station, DR 1, aired a valuable news segment yesterday on the manufacturing of the Cartoon Jihad yesterday.

The station took the BBC to task for erroneously attributing the now-infamous French pig-squealing contest photo--exploited by a delegation of Danish imams to foment fear of anti-Muslim sentiment in Denmark--to the Jyllands-Posten newspaper. The BBC has since acknowledged its error and role in spreading false propaganda. (See Biased BBC for more. And see also Marc Landers on how the British media is saluting the blogosphere.)

As noted here previously, the origin of the pig snout photo was first exposed by blogger Dennis Nixon at NeanderNews. The Associated Press, which originally snapped the photo, is now protesting the use of its pic in the imams' propaganda...

There are video clips. The imam talks in circles, avoiding questions. The anchorman persists in questioning the imam aggressively... the transcript is worth reading, and there are photos and more...

You can read the whole post HERE


Perry de Havilland at Samizdata notes that the "Buy Danish" campaign "seems to be helping." He provides translation of an article in Børsen, which reports that "Buy Danish campaigns in large markets like the USA and Germany might give Danish companies enough increased turnover to cover the losses from the Arabian boycotts."...

See more by Michelle HERE.

And have you tried any Havarti Cheese yet?

It's GOOD! At our local supermarket, it comes in it's regular flavor, and also flavored with dill or caraway. I sometimes have it on crackers for lunch, or on toast for breakfast.


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