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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The MSM doesn't wish to offend Muslims ... so who do they WISH to offend?

For a while I was thinking that MSM was afraid to to publish the Mohammed cartoons, and were just using "respect for Islam" as an excuse for not putting themselves at risk. Their personal safty may be an element in their decisions, but I think it is not the primary reason. They continue to publish things disrespectful of Christianity, so it's hard to believe that they suddenly have a newfound respect for religion.

I think it's very simply a variation of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". The MSM is dominated by liberals, who are against the Iraq war, and for whom the enemy is in the White House. They would like us to lose this war, and are acting accordingly. In their opinion, we don't need to see the Mohammed cartoons or any intelligent discussion about what is happening with Islam as a political movement masquerading as a religous one.

The MSM believes THEY should be deciding what we think and talk about, and they have chosen for us, Vice President Cheney's hunting accident, and more Abu Ghraib photos, from 2003. A past event, the trials are over, people are doing time in prison. But showing the photos WILL incite the enemy to kill more of our soldiers, which will hurt the war effort and hopefully, the MSM believes, damage the Presidency.

The MSM says they don't want to offend Muslims, but they certianly do want to offend someone.

From, a list of things the MSM didn't think were very important for you to know about:

Here are just five major stories that the MSM doesn't think are as important, or as serious, as the Cheney hunting accident.

1) Cartoon riots in Pakistan kill three

2) Jordan sentences Zarqawi and 8 militants to death

3) Baghdad bomb kills children walking to school

4) Dow back above 11,000; Index up 136 points as oil falls below $60

5) Econ helps Dow overtake 11,000

Why are they NOT reporting these stories as frantically as they are the Cheney non-story? Tammy explains:

...I wholeheartedly agree with my callers on Tammy Radio today that this push by the MSM and the Demoleftists to make this a story (and the main story) is nothing more than an effort to keep the real issues our nation faces out of sight and out of mind. Coverage of the Cartoon Jihad reminds everyone of the madness of the enemy (and exposes the general cowardice of the American MSM when it comes to reprinting those cartoons), the trials of Saddam and Moussaoui (our success at bringing the enemy to justice), Al Gore pandering to the enemy on Jeddah, as well as the continuing and astounding economic boon here at home (despite the manic spending of the president). Had you heard, as an example, that the Dow is once again above 11,000? Nope, but you know all the details of what shot the VP was using...

...Gee, isn't it amazing how today's Islamist enemy isn't treated with the same intense verve by the MSM and leftists? Nope, they save their outrage for the vice president of the United States. Impressive and quite revealing. After all, mass graves with one million-plus murdered people in Iraq doesn't make the Iraq war any more legitimate or worthwhile to leftists, but one accidental birdshot by the VP demands a Grand Jury investigation and the obsessive attention of American media...

(Bold emphasis mine) You can read the whole thing HERE.


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