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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

IT'S IN THE KORAN... or ...
Will Political Correctness Kill Us All?

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post that included a link to a song called "It's In The Koran". It was a satire of the evil deeds of radical Islamists and their justification of them by the Koran.

Not long after, the cartoon Jihad began. Since then, the song has been removed from several places where is was available formerly, due to complaints (and threats?).

The song is still available HERE at Little Green Footballs, with an explaination by the author, of what he believes about Islam and Muslims, and why he created the song. He is obviously not a hateful person, and is in fact quite thoughtful. Anyone who complains about the song being offensive, should consider the events mentioned in the song: They are real and verifiable events, and the people who perpetrated them believe the Koran directs them to do so. I find THAT offensive. And the idea that we can't even talk about (or ridicule) those who expound such ideas, on the grounds that we must be sensitive and not cause RELIGIOUS offense, even more offensive.

Is the whole world losing it's mind? It's apparently loosing it's backbone.

I've been posting links to a lot of articles lately, about the Cartoon Jihad and the lying imams, about dhimmitude, Neo-Islam and the crazy way the media is reacting to all this.

It's impossible to connect the dots without complete information, and the way the MSM insists on not discussing what is happening is distressing to no end.

There is no separation of Church and State in Islam. Many Muslims find the idea offensive, because they believe Islam is a TOTAL path, and that you don't separate it out into different areas of your life, it's a part of everything. I can understand that.

I've known many Christians who also believe the same thing about Christianity. Yet many of these same Christians believed that the separation of Church and State was a GOOD thing, because they felt it protected their religion from the corrupting influences of political power and politics. Their religion would of course influence them in how they would vote; but the wall of separation kept their religion pure, and untainted from worldly forces that might try to subvert it for political purposes.

Islam has no such separation, no protection from political hijacking. Mosques can be used as political meeting halls. Sermons and political speeches can be interchangeable. Yet we have all these politically correct multi-culturalists falling all over themselves not to offend, providing cover for a political movement that is masquerading as a religion. A political wolf in religious sheepskin.

Since 9/11, we have heard so much talk about the dangers of weapons of mass destruction. I'm wondering if the weapon that is most likely of all to do us in, is going to be political correctness.

Some Related Links:

You can download the song "It's in the Koran" as a windows media file or a quicktime file HERE.

Mark Humphrys has an informative webpage called Islamic Fascism, with many educational links and historical references. It's written in easy to follow language with out being too long, dry or academic. It's not an anti-Islam site, it is an anti-Islamic Fascist site. It you are not sure what the difference is, Mark can explain it to you.

Michelle Malkin today has a post about the growing internet attack that is happening, literally, as denial-of-service attacks emanating from the middle east are increasing. The attacks are being directed at Danish websites, and other websites that have shown the Mohammed cartoons or that are critical of Islam in any way. You can see her post here: THE ISLAMISTS' WAR ON THE INTERNET. She also shares some of the threatening emails she has been recieving.

Are these attackers the kind of people we need to be worried about defending from being offended? Since when does their... "religious" freedom, or "right to not be offended", trump our own freedom to have complete information and decide for ourselves?


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