Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is this Obama's Che Guevara Moonbat?

From the Lone Star
LST identifies Obama’s Che Moonbat
Our Monday post highlighting a Cuban flag with the super-imposed face of psychotic Marxist Che Guevara hanging in Barack Obama’s Houston HQ’s has caused quite a kerfuffle, which we are happy to inflame further with today’s update.

Of all the headlines written in response to our post, our favorite is from Sean Lovett of Portland, Oregon–
Someone’s A Dumbass
So true, Sean… and a investigation has determined that the dumbass who hung a flag of psychotic Marxist Che Guevara in Barack Obama’s Houston headquarters is almost certainly a Ms. Maria Isabel.

How do we know this? First a bit of video triangulation. [...]

Be sure and see the video clip at the end. Does she mean that private property rights are OK for her, just not everyone else? So typical. And I can only guess if she is a typical Obama supporter. If she is, that tells us more about Obama's intentions than his speeches do.

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