Monday, February 26, 2024

GMRS, FRS, Bubble Wrap, HAM - Which Should You Buy? And Is the Baofeng UV-5R Radio Illegal?

I liked this, it's a lot of information presented very clearly, about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of these various types of radios.

Also, he has an introduction to GMRS radios that is very detailed and thorough:

In the video he says the GMRS license purchase price was still $70 on the FCC website, even though the price had been lowered.  But that's been updated since this video was made, I recently got my license there for $35.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Pizza, with Carnivore Flat "bread"

The pizza crust was the Carnivore Diet flat-"bread" recipe that I linked to, that is on YouTube.  It's made from mozzarella cheese, yogurt and eggs, looks like flatbread, with a good firm texture.  I didn't think to photograph it when the pizza came out of the oven, but I did take a photo of the last piece, before it disappeared:|

We were really pleased with the result!  The post about the Carnivore "bread" we used as a base for it, is here: 

Carnivore AND Keto Flatbread - make it with only 3 INGREDIENTS!
Full recipe can be found here: