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Islamism's actual NAZI history

This is a photo of a Hizbollah "Swearing in ceremony" in Iran.
Date: December 2003

It's no accident that Islamic armies and militias identify with symbols and imagery of Nazi propaganda. There is a rich history of interaction going back to Hitler's time.

I've recently found an Australian site that posts details of this history, with photographs. I've read some of the history before, but have never seen the photographs. Here are a few of them:

Here is a photo of Bosnian Muslims wearing fezzes with Nazi insignia. Bosnian Moslems volunteered to serve in the German Waffen-SS.
Photo: 1943.

Here is a photo of Hajj Amin al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, with Bosnian Moslem fighters. Hussenini collaborated with Nazi Germany even before the war. He fully supported the Final Solution for the Jews, and wanted it extended to Palestine and North Africa as well. He also wanted the Luftwaffe to bomb Tel Aviv.

Here we see Bosnian Moslem soldiers in the German army, at prayer. Date: 1943

There are more pictures, and a great historical synopsis. I was going to try to print excerpts from it here, but I think it would be better to just go to the site and see and read it for yourself. The history is not very long, but it's very informative, and the photos are facinating. The site to visit is here:

Aussie News & Views

You may have to scroll down a bit from the top of the page, before the History and photos begin. They are excerpted from the book "Encyclopedia of the Holocaust".

If you think Yasser Arafat and Saddam Husein had no Nazi ties, think again. When you understand the historical and family ties, modern events and recent history makes much more sense. It all fits together.

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Islams finest on the march...
WARNING: Near the bottom of the page this links to, is a picture I could not bring myself to post here. It is a photo of a box on the ground, with the severed heads of three men in it. The label for the picture implies it is from Iran. There is I think arabic writting on it, but I don't know what it says. Can anyone translate?

I once saw a documentary film called "Night in Fog". It was a French documentary about the German concentration camps, and it included extensive footage that the Germans themselves had taken, of what they did there.

There was one scene, a shot of a Guillotine, and next to it, a basket filled with the severed heads of Jews. This photo reminds me of that. The Nazis have been estimated to have guillotined some 40,000 people in Germany and Austria; possibly more than were beheaded during the French Revolution. It's one of many things Islamism and Nazism have in common.

The Nazi roots of the Muslim Brotherhood

Hitler, Islamism and Leftist Liberals...

Hezbollah: Definition and much more from

Al Queda Terrorists Nazi Connection

President Ahmadinejad: the end of history is only two or three years away.

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the cartoon.

What does the cartoon mean? It's based on kooky things the Iranian President has been reported to be saying. Cox and Forkum offer this excerpt from a TIME magazine article by Charles Krauthammer:

We have difficulty understanding the mentality of Iran's newest rulers. Then again, we don't understand the mentality of the men who flew into the World Trade Center or the mobs in Damascus and Tehran who chant "Death to America"--and Denmark(!)--and embrace the glory and romance of martyrdom.

This atavistic love of blood and death and, indeed, self-immolation in the name of God may not be new--medieval Europe had an abundance of millennial Christian sects--but until now it has never had the means to carry out its apocalyptic ends.

That is why Iran's arriving at the threshold of nuclear weaponry is such a signal historical moment. It is not just that its President says crazy things about the Holocaust. It is that he is a fervent believer in the imminent reappearance of the 12th Imam, Shi'ism's version of the Messiah. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been reported as saying in official meetings that the end of history is only two or three years away. He reportedly told an associate that on the podium of the General Assembly last September, he felt a halo around him and for "those 27 or 28 minutes, the leaders of the world did not blink ... as if a hand was holding them there and it opened their eyes to receive" his message. He believes that the Islamic revolution's raison d'etre is to prepare the way for the messianic redemption, which in his eschatology is preceded by worldwide upheaval and chaos. How better to light the fuse for eternal bliss than with a nuclear flame?

(bold emphasis theirs) Is this guy a friggin loon, or what? He's been saying kooky stuff for quite a while, but when even TIME magazine talks about him being this nutty, you have to wonder. Are we supposed to be worrying about cartoons offending Muslims, and not about this lunatic, and the rest of the crazy Imams and Ayatollas who picked him, having nuclear weapons? Is it "judgemental" of me to be concerned if this guy is even sane?

You can read Cox and Forkum's related commentary HERE.

The TIME magazine article is here:

Today Tehran, Tomorrow the World
What's at stake in the dispute over Iranian nukes? Ultimately, human survival

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Nutty Muslim Theology? Friend of Jesus?:
Imam Mahdi (Descendent of Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Islam and religious persecution

Christian convert Abdul Rahman may have escaped a death sentence by going to Italy, but other Christians in Afghanistan are now being harassed and jailed.

Angry mobs now are calling for the killing of Christians. The barbarians are on the March, looking for blood to spill.

Harassment, death threats and the actual killing of people who leave Islam is hardly anything new. There are many other cases, like that of Gaser Mohammed Mahmoud in Egypt, who has been declared insane and locked up in a mental hospital for converting to Christianity. As bad as his situation is, Egypt is not the worst offender. He's lucky he's still alive.

I've been reading about executions in Iran lately. There was one case, in 1983, where an entire community of members of the Bahá'í Faith were ordered to convert to Islam, or be hanged. The Bahá'í religion was founded in Teheran, and was persecuted from the begining. When the Ayatolla Theocrates took over Iran in 1979, they began large-scale persecution of non-Islamic religious faiths.

Here are some photos of 10 Bahá'í women who refused to convert to Islam, and were hanged:

Here are some details of the execution of these women, from the webpage Women and the death penalty in modern Iran:

The “crime” of these women was to believe in the Bahá'í religion instead of Islam, and to believe in the equality of men and women. These were considered to be very dangerous concepts by the Revolutionary regime who had them arrested and tortured in an effort to persuade them to convert into Islam. Several of them were subjected to the "bastinado" - beating on the soles of their feet. They were all given the opportunity to avoid execution by recanting their faith and converting to Islam but none of them chose to.

On the night of June the 18th 1983 they were driven in a bus to a polo field on the outskirts of Shiraz where a gallows had been set up. The bus driver who took them there reported that they seemed to be in good spirits, singing on the way and prepared to meet their fate.

The youngest prisoner was Mona Mahmudnizhad, who was just 17 years old. Her father had been hanged some months earlier for his beliefs. At the execution ground she asked to be hanged last so that she could pray for all the other women. Reportedly she kissed the noose and recited a prayer before she was suspended.

The other nine members of the group were :

23 year old Roya Ishraqi, a promising veterinary student, was executed with her 50 year old mother, Izzad Janami Ishraqi.

20 year old Akhtar Sabit, a graduate nurse, who had taught children’s religious classes.

28 year old Mahshid Nirumand was a physics graduate from the University of Shiraz. She is said to have remained resolute in prison and to have shared her food with the others and encouraged them to remain firm.

Shirin Dalvand who was 25 years old and held a degree in sociology from the University of Shiraz. Shirin was an expert in the Baha'i faith. Under interrogation she was asked whether she would ever give up her religion - she told her questioner that she would hold to her faith " Until my death, I hope that the divine mercy will enable me to remain firm to the last breath of my life ".

Tahirih Siyavushi was a 32 year old nurse, who had been a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Shiraz. Her husband, Jamshid, had been hanged two days earlier. As a nurse Tahirih helped to look after the other prisoners.

20 year old Simin Sabiri, who had been a member of the Committee of Studies Baha' ies of Shiraz.

Zarrin Muqimi was 28 years old and also very knowledgeable about her faith defending it vigorously under interrogation.

The oldest of the ten was 54 year old Mrs Nosrat Yalda' I who had belonged to the Spiritual Local Assembly of Shiraz and whose house was regarded as the "nerve centre" of the Community life Baha'i in Shiraz. She had been viciously whipped during her time in prison and her wounds were still visible after her hanging. Both her husband and her son, Bahram had also been executed.

The town’s people of Shiraz groups brought flowers to the mortuary to honour the bravery of these women, despite the dangers of such a protest. The Bahá'í religion is still considered dangerous by the regime and is suppressed.

The only way a totalitarian Religion can survive, is the same way a totalitarian government does; by killing dissenters.

I agree with George Bush that we need allies in the Muslim world in the WOT, but they also need to be genuine. Too often Muslim countries agree to things that they later fail to follow through on... things like honoring freedom of religion. They do it to recieve foreign aid, knowing there will be no tangable consequences when they fail to honor those agreements, and just continue in the pathological barbarism they have perpetuated for centuries. This has to stop.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hanging in Iran

Not hanging around or hanging out, but actually being hanged...

Hanging is the most common form of execution in Iran. Group hangings are prefered in urban areas, where they can get the most visibility. Can you imagine being out on your lunch break one day, or commuting to work, or on your way to do shopping or anything, and passing by this scene? How would you feel? Imagine living in a culture where this is "normal"...

Too often I have marveled at the new uses Muslims find for the everyday technologies many of us use daily. Muslims turn passenger planes into flying suicide bombs, cell phones into remote controls for detonating bombs, and here, they use the simple construction crane as an execution device.

But why not use a gallows? The cranes have special advantages over a gallows or trap door drop, that many other countries use. A sudden drop like is used with a trap door, breaks the neck of the person being executed, and they loose consciousness immediately.

By using a crane, the loss of consciousness in avoided. The crane allows the person to be lifted up slowly, so they strangle as they dangle. The hands are tied behind their backs, but the feet are left free to kick, as the person slowly strangles and suffocates. The strangulation part takes about 3 minutes. The whole execution from beginning to end takes about 25 minutes.

This group was four men and one woman. I read that this young woman (age 23?) was lashed 80 times first.

Why were they being hanged? They were alleged to be drug traffickers. But do we know that for certain? There are many claims that dissidents are often falsely accused of crimes and executed, without a fair trial. What passes for a trial is sometimes nothing more than two minutes of questioning by a Mullah. No defense attorney, no jury.

I read that over the past several years, the amount of public hangings has been rising, and may even be in the hundreds per year. You can only wonder at how such spectacles affect people, the society as a whole.

Do they get used to it? Do they become desensitized? Here are pictures from another hanging of three men. Here are the onlookers:

It's quite a crowd. All men. What are they thinking?

Not everyone is so stoical. This guy seems upset:

Is he watching a friend or family member about to be hanged?

The other men are noosed...

And the deed is done...

One of the most notorious executions in Iran occurred in 2004, with the hanging of 16 year old Ateqeh Rajabi. She was hanged for "engaging in acts incompatible with chastity".

The details of her personal story are tragic. She was abused by men from an early age, and had no one to defend her.

She had no defense attorney. In court she took off her headscarf and addressed the judge, hurling insults at him and telling him he should be DEFENDING her, not attacking her. This so infuriated the local judge, Haji Reza, that he personally saw to it that she received the death sentence.

I read that she publicly repented, crying for her life, right before being hanged; and that under Islamic law, her repentance should have led to a postponement of her execution and a reconsideration of her sentence. But the judge would have none of that. He personally placed the noose around her neck, and gave the order for the crane to be lifted.

After the execution, "judge" Reza boasted that the girl was not put to death for her crime, but for her "sharp tongue". The court published the girls age as 22, even though her birth certificate and her national I.D. card show that she was only 16. Her hanging has caused a shockwave in Iran, as almost no one believes she deserved the sentence she received.

The Mullah's are a law unto themselves. Can you imagine what whey would do with nuclear weapons?

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American Barbarian: Iran hangs a girl from a crane, world yawns...

Public hanging: a street show in Iran

UPDATE 8-03-07:

As mass public hangings in Iran continue to increase, so do videos of them that have been smuggled out of the country:

Hangings in Iran increase, to silence dissent

UPDATE 2-15-11:

Years later, the hangings still continue, with a vengeance:

Sadistic Mullahcracy in action - a mass hanging in Iran

Iran Hanging One Person Every 12 Hours
The Teheran regime has hanged 66 individuals since the end of 2010, according to France 24 International News.

Among them was a 46-year-old Iranian-born, Dutch national Sahra Bahrami, who was hung on January 29 on drug-smuggling charges.

Holland’s Foreign Ministry said it was “shocked, shattered by this act by a barbaric regime,” according to Agence France Presse.

Bahrami’s sister dismissed the Iranian charges, which she contended were fabricated.

“She doesn’t even smoke cigarettes, let alone possessing drugs. How could someone who participates in election gatherings and endangers her life, engage in such actions against her country?” she is quoted as telling the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

“I am bewildered as to how my client’s death sentence was issued while her security charges had not yet been reviewed,” Bahrami’s attorney said after her death.

The Hague froze relations with Iran in the wake of the killing.

Iranian officials arrested Bahrami during anti-government protests in 2009, and held her on “security charges.” She had been visiting Iran to see her relatives.

Catherine Ashton, The European Union’s representative in talks with Iran over their nuclear program, said “Executions are taking place at an alarming rate.” [...]

Read the rest. They are hanging political dissidents, on trumped up charges, without trial. Why didn't the White House support the Iranian Uprising, the way they recently did with Egypt? That was a missed opportunity. The Iranian protesters are now being killed for it.

Radio Netherlands will begin broadcasting news bulletins to Iran in the Farsi language, in response to Sahra Bahrami's execution.

Stop feeding the Sharia Monster

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the cartoon. You can read their related commentary HERE.

How successful is a religion that has to kill people who leave it? That has to kill people who criticize it? Isn't that because, that if it were held up to scrutiny and questioning, it would not survive? At least not in it's current form.

Islam has been rigidly imposed on people for centuries; they have had no choice. Democracy is a complete threat to that. If choice is allowed, if people are allowed to question, the whole thing falls apart. At the very least, Islam would be forced to evolve, to reform.

I think that the best way to reform or neutralize the intolerant culture of Islam is democracy. Even if it has to be imposed at first.

That's not to say it would be quick or easy. But the place to start would be to support truely moderate Muslims, and educated secular Arabs. And to stop putting up with the Politically Correct crap about respecting Sharia law. This stuff continues unabated because we (the west) have tolerated it for so long. By tolerating it we enable it. That way has lead to where we are now. I say enough.

Supposedly the new Afghanistan constitution agrees to abide by the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But is seems like many in the Muslim world make agreements lightly to get foreign aid and support, then ignore those agreements at will, as suits them. Afghanistan is a good case in point, as demonstrated in this article by Nina Shea:

Sharia Calling
America, we have a problem
By Nina Shea. Some excerpts:

...Rahman is not the only case where execution has been threatened over beliefs and ideas in the new Afghanistan. Last year, an Afghan journalist who argued against the heresy law was found guilty of it, and escaped death after international pressure. Before then, a female cabinet member was charged with blasphemy for criticizing Islamic law, but was also spared after international protest erupted. Other journalists were imprisoned for blasphemy after debating the compatibility of sharia law with democracy, but then quietly allowed to leave the country. It is even reported that other Christian converts are in prison there but not much is known about them.

...this is about more than Mr. Rahman. This will be a persistent, recurring problem under Afghanistan’s sharia apostasy and blasphemy laws. The administration also needs to do more to ensure the reform Afghanistan’s judiciary. President Karzai must be encouraged to wrest it from the control of Islamists like Supreme Court Chief Justice Fazl Hadi Shinwari, who once told our National Public Radio that it is his duty as a judge to “behead” those who do not conform to Islamic law...

The whole of the civilized world needs to stop supporting State Islam and Sharia law. You can read the whole article HERE.

Monday, March 27, 2006

State Islam and a modern society are incompatible

Hat Tip to Cox and Forkum. You can read the related text here:
Sultan of Enlightenment

I've been reading a lot about Sharia law and the treatment of women in Iran. I saw a photo of one woman, severely bruised after a beating. Many women like her had supported the Ayatola in Iran against the Shah, because the Ayatola promised that a new SECULAR government would continue to run the country, once the Shah was overthrown. But the Ayatola lied; they were all betrayed, and had a theocracy forced on them instead.

It's clear that Sharia law is entirely incompatible with democracy. I agree entirely with Tammy Bruce. In her recent post, "Afghan Christian Convert to be Freed" she puts it succinctly:

The Afghan Shari'a court decared Abdul Rahman a "sick person" and declared him unfit to stand trial. While this is excellent news for Mr. Rahman the primary problem still exists: a nation that owes it freedom to the civilized world has been allowed to operate as barbarians. For every Muslim who declares that Islam recognizes other religions and Christians and Jews as "people of the book," the sham of that is revealed.

The absurdity of this, of course, is how Muslims have rampaged around the world causing death and destruction because of the cartoon "insult," and now they declare someone who becomes a Christian "insane."

Perhaps we're seeing a little projection here. Bottom line: we should have treated the conquered Afghans and Iraqis as we did the Japanese: we should have written their constitutions for them and outlawed theocratic rule. For the Japanese it was an end to state Shinto. And if the world is to get past the barbaric insanity of mullahs and imams, we are also going to eventually have to outlaw state Islam...

(bold emphasis mine) Tammy doesn't mince words. Why can't western "liberals" understand this? The Iranian liberals who supported the Ayatola against the Shaw have certainly come to understand the reality of a Sharia based government... at least, those who are still alive do.

Tammy also believes we are pandering too much to Muslim Theocracy:

...Wait, what "difficult debate?" This is 2006, not 700. The entire civilized world understands that you don't kill people becuse of their religion, and that theocracies (whether it be Japanese Shinto or Germanic Hitler-worship) cause death and destruction and ruin people's lives. There is no worldwide debate. What Islamic theocracies deliver to their people and the world is rank barbarism...

"This is an evolutionary process," Rice said on Fox News. "It's a young democracy."

My goodness, such pandering. To dismiss this obscenity as something that happens in a "young democracy" is disgusting. This has nothing to do with democracy, and everything to do with islamic theocracy. I lose more and more hope when the person I admire the most ends up sounding like Jimmy Carter...

You can read her entire post HERE.

Related article:

Today's True Feminists

This article by Cinnamon Stillwell looks past the tired old hippy socialist stereotype "feminists" still being promoted by the left, and instead looks at the intelligence and bravery of genuine feminists like Dr. Wafa Sultan, and Italian author Oriana Fallaci and other notable women, who are willing to tackle the very real problems and suffering of women under Sharia law. Just a brief excerpt:

...Born in Syria to a middle-class family and raised a Muslim, Wafa Sultan began to reexamine her religious beliefs after a traumatic incident. A respected medical school professor was murdered before her eyes by two Muslim Brotherhood members shouting "Allahu akbar!" (God is great!). Eventually, she became a secularist and started writing for the Arab American Web site She became a strong critic of the intolerance and violence increasingly associated with the Muslim world. She also tackled the taboo subject of Muslim anti-Semitism, rejecting the hatred with which she had been indoctrinated as a child.

Sultan is now working on a book that she says "is going to turn the Islamic world upside down." Indeed, such upheaval is needed now more than ever. If one woman can have such a great impact, think what hundreds, thousands or even millions could do...

There is much more, also about other women as well and their struggles with Islamism. They put the leftist "feminists" to shame. The article has many embedded links, making it a great reference resource. You can read the whole thing HERE.

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Sunday funnies 03/26/06

(Hat tip to The Discerning Texan for the comic.)

(Hat tip to GAYLE'S FRIDAY EVENING POST for the photo.)

From some emails I've had:


A resident in the area saw a ball bouncing around kind of strange in a nearby pond and went to investigate.

It turned out to be a flathead catfish who had obviously tried to swallow a child's basketball which became stuck in its mouth!!

The fish was totally exhausted from trying to dive, but unable to because the ball would always bring him back up to the su rface. The resident tried numerous times to
get the ball out, but was unsuccessful. He finally had his wife cut the ball in order to deflate it and release the hungry catfish.

You probably wouldn't have believed this, if you hadn't seen the following pictures...

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"




The Spanish Computer

A Spanish teacher was explaining to her class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine.

"House" for instance, is feminine: "la casa."

"Pencil," however, is masculine: "el lapiz."

A student asked, "What gender is 'computer'?"

Instead of giving the answer, the teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked them to decide for themselves whether

"computer" should be a masculine or a feminine noun.

Each group was asked to give four reasons for its recommendation.

The men's group decided that "computer" should definitely be of the feminine gender ("la computadora"), because:

1. No one but their creator understands their internal logic;

2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else;

3. Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later retrieval; and

4. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.

The women's group, however, concluded that computers should be Masculine ("el computador"), because:

1. In order to do anything with them, you have to turn them on;

2. They have a lot of data but still can't think for themselves;

3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem; and

4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.

The women won.

- Author Unknown


Ted Kennedy Children's book cover of the week:

Hat tip to the Kennedy forum thread at FARK.COM.


Dig a Little Deeper

There's a story about the California gold rush that tells of two brothers who sold all they had and went prospecting for gold. They discovered a vein of the shining ore, staked a claim, and proceeded to get down to the serious business of getting the gold ore out of the mine. All went well at first, but then a strange thing happened. The vein of gold ore disappeared! They had come to the end of the rainbow, and the pot of gold was no longer there. The brothers continued to pick away, but without success. Finally, they gave up in disgust.

They sold their equipment and claim rights for a few hundred dollars, and took the train back home. Now the man who bought the claim hired an engineer to examine the rock strata of the mine. The engineer advised him to continue digging in the same spot where the former owners had left off. And three feet deeper, the new owner struck gold.

A little more persistence and the two brothers would have been millionaires themselves.

What might you find for yourself if you dug three feet deeper?


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Momo it is...

It's a boy... a "fixed" one. At least that is what Andy says, after brushing the beast and checking it's "vents". So I think we will call the abandoned Persian Pussy "Mohammed", or "Momo" for short. Hopefully that won't cause any riots or killings anywhere.

I came across an interesting publication on the Zombietime website. It's a comic book satirizing Mohammed, in a humorous cartoon biography called Mohammed's Believe It or Else! by pseudonymous artist "Abdullah Aziz." It demonstrates many of the bizarre beliefs of Islam, often providing their scriptural references or other sources. In one part there is a prohibition against cats and dogs as pets, although the references seem to refer more to dogs specifically.

The comic book is a downloadable PDF file. You may want to have a look:

Mohammed's Believe It or Else!

Friday, March 24, 2006

America is worse than Sharia law?

From Cox & Forkum, you can click on the link to see the related commentary. One of the links there is to an article from January 2005 at

"Tehran’s Killing Fields" by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.

In the article is a picture I printed recently, of a woman being buried in the ground prior to being stoned to death:

The photo, which is from Iran, was taken in 1992 in the town of Arak. Here is an excerpt from the article:
Women sentenced to death by stoning are buried in the ground up to their necks. Iranian law regulates the size of the stones used by the executioner crowd; stones cannot be big enough to kill the sentenced woman too quickly, as the purpose of this barbaric ritual is to inflict as much pain as possible before death. On the other hand, stones cannot be too small, as each blow must be dramatically painful.

Such rules and regulations are quite ephemeral in the Islamic Republic. In a particularly gruesome execution carried out in 1993 in the city of Arak, a woman was to be stoned to death in front of her husband and two young children. After the stoning began, the woman was able to free herself from the hole in the ground, escaping death. According to Shariah laws, in such cases the woman must be let go, as her death sentence was revoked by divine intervention. Ten minutes after the failed stoning, however, the poor woman was chased down, apprehended and summarily executed anyway, by a firing squad.

While stoning captures the imagination of Westerners as the most barbaric act committed under Shariah laws, other forms of sentencing perpetrated by the Islamic Republic are just as horrific. For example, Iran employs several types of body mutilation, from the amputation of hands, arms and legs to the macabre procedure of plucking out the eyeballs of the sentenced without the use of anesthetics. Several photos exist to document such occurrences, in dossiers kept by human rights organizations.

The international community, in particular European countries, has been quite indifferent to such atrocities. It prefers to engage the Islamic Republic in lucrative business deals, relegating the human rights issue to a mere footnote, a ritualistic and rhetorical passage usually present in high-level discussions with Iranian officials, but never taken seriously or enforced.

In recent years, as general disaffection towards Iran’s ruling theocratic regime has increased, the number of public executions has also increased significantly. The number of such executions—usually carried out in busy public squares during peak hours, with people sentenced to death hung from cranes—has increased from 75 in the year 2000, to 139 in 2001, to 300 in 2002. Official statistics are not available for 2003 and 2004, but it is estimated that the number of such executions is now several hundred per year. Even minors and those who are physically and mentally disabled are regularly executed.

Sometimes a single mullah serves as judge, jury and executioner...

(bold emphasis mine) There is a great deal more information in the article, about Iranian drug abuse and HIV, the thugs who run Iran like the Mafia, the huge population of restless young people, and many interesting facts, which you can read about HERE.

If ever there was a candidate for liberation, Iran is it. I don't know how else it can be brought into the civilized, modern world.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The lesser of two evils

We are living in a world that is becoming increasingly smaller. We used to believe that terrorism existed only in far away places; that we could (and were told by the multiculturalists, we "should") allow other countries to do as they wish, no matter how cruel or unjust, and not be affected by it directly, while we got on with our own lives. But this has painfully been demonstrated as not true. Ignoring what goes on in Sharia based societies has brought us where we are today.

Every time someone is tortured or executed under Sharia law, without legal represention or a fair trial, a monster grows bigger; a facist movement grows stronger. The more we ignor it, the stronger it gets. And thanks to technology, if you live far away from terrorism, the terrorists can bring it to your neighborhood. 9-ll was a low tech-attack. Do we need something more high-tech and brutal to wake us up? By then, it could be too late.

I am registered to vote as an Independant. I was a Democrat for many years, but have become too disgusted with them to want any further affiliation with them. I don't waste my votes on 3rd party vote spoilers, which allow the worst people to get in. I look at the Republicans and Democrats, and I choose the lesser of two evils. Neither party is perfect, and in the real world we must work with what we have, or we just end up whinning on the sidelines, inaffective and powerless.

I voted for Bush in 2004, and I stand by that. The Democrats haven't a clue how to deal with the dangers we are facing - they clearly don't see it. I can disagree with Bush about many things, but compared to the Democrats, he is the best we've got. We are in a war wether we want to be or not, and there is no turning back. If weapons of mass destruction become available to facist Islamist suicide/murders, the world as we know it will not survive; we will be facing a new dark age like the world has never seen... if we even survive.

We don't have unlimited chances to get this right. We have a window of oportunity to act, and if we fail... we can't afford to. Bush knows this, and that is why I support him. He doesn't have to be right about everything. He just has to be better than all the alternatives. I hear a lot of complaining, but I don't see any better alternatives.

Today Debra Saunders has written a good piece, called "Give the President Some Credit".

Miss Chatterbox has written a great post called "In Defense of the War and George W. Bush--Part 1".

Tammy Bruce has a very relevant post about military deaths: "What the Numbers Tell Us".

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Abdul Rahman, who converted from Islam to Christianity 16 years ago, is to be tried for the "crime" and executed in Afganistan, even though the Afganistan constitution states that Afgani's have the freedom to choose their religion. When reporters went to visit Raham, they were told by one of his jailers:

"We will cut him into little pieces," said Hosnia Wafayosofi, who works at the jail, as she made a cutting motion with her hands. "There's no need to see him..."

So this is how the "Religion of Peace" deals with Mulsims who become Christian? Sound more like the "Religion of Pieces" to me. This is the reality of Sharia law. I agree with Nasar Khader, a moderate Muslim and member of the Danish Parliament:

"This case underlines the need for Sharia law to be fought wherever it is found.”

More from Michell Malkin:

Travails of the Persian Pussy

Our homeless Persian refugee is still with us. It's still sleeping a lot. On Sunday it came outside in the sun for a while:

I think it is starting to relax a little as it realizes it's now safe; I suspect it hasn't felt that way in a long time.

We had a little setback. Right after taking these pictures, I left it outside alone with the dogs; they seemed to get along ok, but when I came out again, they had chased it up a tree.

I locked the dogs in their pen, and left the cat to come down on it's own. It disappeared for a while, but came back later that evening. Our dogs don't bother the other cats, so I'll have to supervise them for a while till they get used to each other.

I think it's a she... she looks a bit like a tattered and freyed Za Za Gabor.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chihuahua Cancer Survivor

Our Chihuahua, Coriander, was over 12 years old, and seemed to be troubled by cancerous growths. At least, we think it was cancer. We never took her in for tests or anything, but from the information I could find on the internet, it seemed likely it was some kind of cancer.

Many years ago, we had put all our dogs on a raw meat diet, and they responded well to it. But for the last couple of years, Coriander seemed to stop thriving. For some time she had not been well, and slowly continued to deteriorate. Her breath smelled bad, and she was often bloated. She would often be constipated. Her appetite lessened, until she would hardly eat at all, and when she would eat, she would often vomit it up. Little tumors appeared around her lips. Growths started to appear on the skin of her belly, and in her ears. She began to itch and bite herself, and began losing hair in "hot spots", and had trouble sleeping at night. We tried numerous remedies; some seemed to help the syptoms a little, but she just continued to get worse.

The treatments for cancer for dogs are as nasty as the ones for humans, and just about as expensive. At least a human has some idea of what is happening in a situation like that, but to an animal, it's confusing. Cancer treatments for dogs often don't extend the life of the animal by very much, and the treatments can cause them much distress. We were thinking we would have to have her "put down".

That is never an easy thing to do with a dog. But chihauhau's can be very aware, in some ways more than other dogs. For instance, Coriander knows not just her name, but our names and the names of the other dogs as well. We often joked that she is almost human. Her body was failing her, but her mind was still very much intact, so we dreaded the day that seemed to be fast approaching.

Several people I know were dealing with cancer issues, and I had been reading a book called "How to Fight Cancer & Win" by William L. Fischer. In the book were some natural remedies that were discussed. One of the most popular was a flaxseed oil diet, by a German doctor, Johanna Budwig. I thought we had nothing to loose by trying it on the dog, so I began mixing it in with her food, and feeding her in smaller amounts so she could keep it down.

At about this time an old friend came back into our lives, who we had not seen in a long while. In fact, the last time we saw him, he was suffering from stage III liver failure, and was waiting for a liver transplant.

Now he was a picture of health. He did NOT have the transplant. He claimed his recovery was due to Tahitian Noni Juice. He was also a distributor for Tahitian Noni, and left us with some bottles of the juice.

We really weren't sure what to think of Noni Juice, but we decided to start giving it to the dog, as it couldn't hurt, and might help. Before her meals, I would squirt five shots of Noni in an eydropper down her throat, then mix some in with her food.

After a few weeks, she started to sleep better, and the tumors around her lips went away. She started to keep her food down, and her appetite improved. The growths on her belly began to shrink and dry up. We started using a Noni oil spray on her skin, which seemed to help.

We witnessed a steady improvment. The bad breath, bloating and constipation went away. The hot spots on her skin went away, her coat improved. The growths on her belly had turned into discolored scabs. We ran out of the Noni oil, and started to use tea tree oil instead. Her skin responded well to this, and healed up completely.

It's now four months later. Not only is Coriander physically well, but mentally, she is also greatly improved! She is playful and perkey and raring to go, we haven't seen her act like this in years. The transformation has been amazing.

I don't know if it was the flaxseed oil or the Noni Juice or both, but I know that neither hurt and both may have helped. I give the dogs a bit of both in their food now. We may start adding them to supplement our diet too.