Sunday, March 10, 2024

Autism; how to talk about it?

For a variety of reasons, I think I've been that way my whole life, though it was undiagnosed in my childhood. I think I'm now what they call "high functioning" autistic, which just means I've gotten really good at hiding it, to the point where people think I'm neuro-typical, not neuro-divergent. And when I get over-stressed beyond my limits, everyone wonders what's wrong with me? Because they haven't a clue I've been coping all along, just squeeking by, passing for neuro-typical.

I Don’t ‘Have Autism’ —I’m Autistic. Here’s Why That Matters
As more and more people acknowlege whatever degree of autism they may be expriencing... the language to talk about it, will continue to expand. Which is what I think the above-linked article is getting at. It's food for thought, for those who are dealing with it, in themselveres or those that they know. 
Some people with Autism are never professionally assesed or identified as children, and are now adults that may be struggling with some issues.  If now, as an adult, you think you might be one of those people, you might find these links of interest:

On-line tests. They don't prove or disprove autism, but if you get a high score, it might mean you could benefit from having a professional assesment done:

Temple Grandin was a woman who was high up on the autism spectrum.  As a child, she failed to learn how to talk, and just made beeping noises instead.  Doctor's told her parents that she was severely mentally retarded, and would have to spend the rest of her life in an mental institution.

Her mother said that was nonsense, that her daughter just needed some extra help.  She and hired a speech therapist to help her daughter learn how to make words and speak.  It worked, but Temple still had many other challenges to face.  Fortunately, she had a supportive family, and eventually became a researcher and college professor.  The movie about her life, was quite inspiring.  Here is the trailer:

Dan Jones, is a hypnotherapist, author, and an autism expert/advocate who has written extensively about his own autism and autism generally, as well as hypotherapy and learning hypnosis.  He has much material available online, including a youtube channel, and the Kindle version of his books are very affordable on Amazon.  His website is here:

His interest in hypnosis, and desire to learn how to hypnotize, helped him understand his own autism better, and how to cope with it, and lead him to becoming a professional hypnotherapst and hypnosis teacher.     

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Woman Destroyed Her Kidneys (in 2 months) By Taking Common Vitamin

Actually, the video talks about 5 different vitamins you have to be careful not to overdue, especially if you have kidney disease, but sometimes even if you don't have kidney disease.  It's good stuff to know.