Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Remember Mama...

No, not the charming black and white movie with Irene Dunne. Unfortunately.

Children of Palestinian Suicide Bomber on Hamas TV: Mama Killed Five Jews and She is in Paradise

Again, why do we keep giving money to the Palestinians? So they don't have to work to support their families, and can use them as bombs instead?

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Anonymous said...

Amazing isn't it! Teaching children to celebrate murder!

Chas said...

If they took all the time and energy they expend on Jew hatred and put it into building productive, meaningful lives, they could have everything Israel has.

Instead, the West gives them endless welfare, freeing them up to endlessly pursue madness and destruction. It's time for the West to stop subsidizing this suicide-murder death cult.

Anonymous said...

My favorite (if they would just truthfully write what they think anyway) indicated statement is "We hate you, we want to kill you - where's more money!!"

It certainly WOULD be great if they'd just apply all their energy in the right direction!

Seems that any time everything is simply handed to you - you have to direct your energy some place - the wrong place too often! In ALL countries.

Dionne said...

I saw some of this clip and I thought I was going to be physically ill!!