Saturday, May 15, 2010

Switzerland: a role model for everyone?

Only One Country Meets EU Criteria. It Is Not In EU
[...] Does any European country meet fully the EU’s criteria for membership? No, even Germany does not. By now, you have probably guessed that the list is likely to be as short as an amputated poodle’s tail is. “No one” would be an answer that sounds well. True it is not. But that allegation, too, would be wrong. Switzerland is the one country that meets the criteria.

The problem with this exception is that the only country in the center of the EU that surrounds it and that is stubbornly a non-member, is Switzerland. Could one say that the situation is a surprise? Not necessarily. Is it proper to state that her finances are sound although she is not a member? Hardly. The best fitting explanation is that Switzerland is OK because she is, regardless of being maligned, cajoled, pushed and extorted, not part of the EU. [...]

If a "European" model of government is going to be used by anyone, wouldn't it make sense to use a model that works well in real life? Switzerland may not be perfect (what country is?), but it's fiscally solvent, and it was smart enough not to join the EU. They're doing something right.

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