Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Born Yesterday...

Actually, it was the day before yesterday. And "hatched" might be a more accurate description.

There were four chicks in this batch. In the next photo, you can see #4 peaking out from under mama's wing:

I put the eggs under the hen on Mother's Day. They hatched on Memorial Day. So I guess you could say they are Holiday Chicks.

Here they are basking in the setting sun. In a day or two, I will let them outside so mom can teach them to forage.

The hen is not their biological mother. She is a Bantam-Cochen mix. The chicks are hybrids of two larger breeds: Leghorn mother, Americana father. Leghorns make lousy mothers though, so I put the eggs under the best broody hen I had at the time.

They are going to grow much larger than this hen. She has quite a task ahead of her. Fortunately, she's quite tough. ;-)

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