Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Rampant Voter Fraud that the Mainstream Media won't tell you about

The hits keep coming: Project Veritas exposes non-citizens, dead people registered to vote in NC — and so much more
Fraud? What voter fraud? While progressives continue to deny, deny, deny, investigative journalist James O’Keefe and Project Veritas continues to expose, expose, expose.

The latest target: North Carolina.

Project Veritas pulled up jury refusal forms and voter history documents to show that non-citizens and dead people there are registered to vote.

Watch as a man posing as a non-citizen with a passport is stubbornly encouraged by NC officials — who refuse to examine his ID — to vote. Listen to a conversation with election officials who joke about running over Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Listen to the election judge who only wants to uphold certain parts of the state constitution. And witness a University of North Carolina official chuckling as a “student” brags about voting in two different states to infiltrate GOP primaries. [...]

Which is worse, the liars and cheats who fraudulently vote, or the public officials who look the other way or even encourage it?

I know that in many places ID is not required to vote, but this just shows why proper identification needs to be required. And what about the fraudulent voting that has been uncovered? Why are there no consequences?

Where is the integrity of our voting system? There are laws against voter fraud, so why aren't these people being prosecuted? What good are laws that aren't enforced? Where is the accountability of those whose job it is to enforce our laws?


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