Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can Windows 8 be "fixed"?

We may find out next month:

Windows 8: 5 Hopeful Signs
[...] Windows 8's consumer appeal is about to get a major upgrade.

An important note: this prediction presupposes that the OS's usability issues are addressed in Windows 8.1, a free update, formerly known as Windows Blue, expected to be revealed in June.

There's been some doublespeak from Microsoft on the usability point. Redmond executives have claimed that customer feedback informed Blue's development -- but they've also defended Win8's Live Tile start screen, which has been a significant driver of user criticism. There's a fine line between upholding one's convictions and alienating one's fans. Win 8.1 looks like it will land on the right side of that line -- but I'll come back to that later.

First, here are five reasons things are looking up for Windows 8. [...]
Read the whole thing for "reasons". I have no doubt that Microsoft will improve it. And that it won't be perfect. The question is, will it be "good enough"?
The article concludes that it ultimately will depend on increasing it's "usability".



MAX Redline said...

Whether or not it's good enough is kind of irrelevant; despite their long and glitzy campaigns, Win8 runs on less than 4% of systems - far less than Vista did at the same point in time.

Enterprise rolled up from XP Pro as M$ began support phaseout, but they didn't migrate to 8, they went to Win7 instead. Nobody's going to deploy Win8 in an enterprise environment, and it's ultimately destined to become the next WindowsME.

Chas said...

I agree, that businesses have no use for Win8. Microsoft might make slow progress by improving it for the consumer market, if touch screens become more popular. But it needs LOTS of improving.

And yes, the comparison to WindowsME is apt. Very much so.

Anonymous said...

I do not want tiles on my computer. EVER

I will have to buy a mac or a chrome notebook for day to day use.

IF I have to I will buy one win 8 computer and get software to make it look like win 7. You can not force people to like win 8. People who defend MS do not get it either.