Friday, December 23, 2016

Modern Russian Dance Music

File this under "Not your grandfather's Russia". I was perusing foreign radio stations on my Alexa app, when I came across this song on a Russian radio station. It sounded so modern, so ... "un-Russian", and it made me curious to know more. Here is a clip of the song being performed on a TV show. I think the song is in Russian, but I'm not sure, I think the couple performing are Ukrainian, and the Russian and Ukrainian languages are very similar, but the song and the dance are great, here it is, at what looks like Christmastime:

When I looked for the song, I found the Original Music Video on Youtube, where at one point it was the most watched video on Youtube by Russians. Clearly, some of my concepts about Russia need updating!

The duo's website:


dawnymarieeeee said...

cool outfits they both are wearing - loved the music - I listen to monks chanting from a monastery in Russia and it is amazing - one would not expect the chanting to be as beautiful as it is with a predisposed attitude of Russian being a harsh language - I can leave the link for you if you like - Thank you

dawnymarieeeee said...

and.........I found an amazing video on UTube of a young man playing an accordion with his younger sister following along on a dirt road dancing to the young man's playing - both very natural - like something out of "Fiddler on the Roof" and her dancing had perfect timing and I thought it is truly "in her blood" - love this culture - I can post the links to said videos in you would like or ask "Alexa" :)

Chas said...

Interesting that you should mention the chanting. That is what I usually think of when anyone says "Russian Music". Yet this modern music, so different, and the Russian language worked so well musically, it was surprising.

Would love to see some links if you would like to post some, Dawnie.