Sunday, August 05, 2007

Our Local Garden Club Tour

Yesterday we went on a tour of six home gardens, sponsored by our local garden club. Here's a few pics:

Most of the homes were along the bay, or the sloughs that are connected to it. One house had access to the beach:

This little boat on the beach reminded me of many a summer's day from my childhood, when my family vacationed in Maine:

Here I am, standing next to a giant tree stump washed up on the beach:

Much of this tour focused on landscaping more than flowers. This garden was a work-in-progress; the owners are intending to put in a stream where the gravel path is. The gazebo was very elegant, with a gas fireplace in the center of it.

The last house we visited had several natural streams running through it. One was channeled through their garden into this beautiful waterfall...

... which was used to fill their serene Koi pond. Further downhill, it irrigated their fruit orchard. One of the things I love best about Western Oregon is the abundance of water. That, and the temperate climate!

Pat has some more photos from the tour on his blog, also some photos of our farm.


Walker said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the photos, Chas.

Chas said...

Thanks Walker, glad you enjoyed them. There weren't as many dramatic flowers in the tour as there was last year, but it was still interesting to see what people did with their gardens, within the limitations and resources they had.