Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why I didn't leave my heart there...

...because of crap like this. After 23 years of living in San Francisco, it became unbearable as it only got worse, and we left. I shook the dust from my feet and didn't look back. It's a beautiful city, full of insane, ugly-minded people.

Typical San Francisco People

I'm sorry to say, it's all too typical. It's actually the norm in SF.

Ever notice how the political left gets all bent out of shape of over the religious right, while it has no problem at all embracing the religious Wright? That's because all the America haters stick together.


Walker said...

Wow. Chas, do you feel as though when you left SF, you became suddenly sane?

I feel that way about leaving the city (and liberalism) and moving to Indiana. Many things about Indiana I don't like, but I do feel sane.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder and its most striking characteristic is that those very people who are freer, richer, more comfortable than ever are the very ones who feel imprisoned, cheated, and poor. LOL

They are so weird.

Chas said...

I can say that it's certainly easier to think more clearly, when you aren't surrounded by angry miserable people who start screaming at you every time you utter a potentially politically incorrect thought.

Literally, total strangers on the street would start shouting at you, even threatening to be violent sometimes, even if you were talking to someone else and they overhead you.

After years of having to walk on eggshells in nearly every conversation, I feel like I finally have got my voice back; my mind is no longer held hostage to Mob Rule.

I am outnumbered by Democrats here, but they aren't all hard left ideologues, many of them vote Republican, so yes, it's more sane. There is more LIBERTY to think and speak freely.

Walker said...

Chas, that amazes me. People actually butt into a conversation that they think isn't PC? Really?

That just amazes me. It's a freaking sickness!

Another thing that amazed me was an article I read online about Berkley or somewhere that actually has a statue of Stalin. This woman was quoted as saying she often takes her little daughter to sit at the foot of Stalin. This is the way they become peaceful. Wow. Like, does anyone ever read history in California?

Chas said...

Many people there have a strong tendency to try to "police" each other's thinking. I called them "The Thought Police".

When we had our restaurant there, I was a waiter, and too often I had the political types cross-examining me for political correctness while I was trying to take their order.

It was very awkward, because if they didn't like my answers, I might get insulted by them, and wouldn't get a tip. Since we paid the mortgage on our house with the tips we earned, I had to stay friendly and bite my tongue, without compromising myself. It was a real balancing act.

Many of our customers were school teachers. In their version of history, Stalin was one of the good guys. America was always the bad guy, the source of all the world's problems, and would always continue to be, as long as it remained capitalist.

I don't claim that EVERYONE in SF was like that, but a large core group were, and they often set the tone in many situations, trying to pressure people into agreeing with them. It got very tiresome dealing with it every single day.