Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your choice in November: the lesser of two evils

Moving Obama's Agenda Forward

[...] Obama said, "My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out." Don't ya just love that phrase .. "our agenda of moving forward." Moving forward to what? If you're rushing toward the end of the pier, maybe changing your direction would be worth some consideration. Voters seem to think so.

Again ... moving forward to what?

Moving forward to unprecedented federal debt. From the time the gavel fell opening the first session of the first congress of the United States .. way back yonder in the late 1780s, until 1990 --- that's about 210 years - our country amassed $3 trillion in debt. Barack Obama amassed $3 trillion in additional debt in the first 17 months of his presidency. Moving forward.

When Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House on January 4, 2007 she announced that there would be no more deficit spending. None. Nada. Nunca. Since that time she has presided over a House of Representatives that has increased our deficit spending by another $5 trillion dollars. Moving forward.

When ObamaCare was passed The Community Organizer told us that we would be able to keep our insurance if we liked it. We can't. He told us it would cut the deficit. The Congressional Budget Office now says it won't. He told us it would cost less than one trillion dollars. It will cost more.

It takes 150,000 new jobs every single month in our country just to keep up with the rate of population growth. Obama hasn't seen that figure one single time since he was sworn in. Moving forward.

Out of every dollar our country spends today over 40 cents is borrowed. Moving forward.

America has been in recessions before. Never, though, has American seen a recession end with so few new private sector and so many government jobs being created. Moving forward.

At the rate that Obama is moving our country, we are moving right into bankruptcy. We are moving right into a period of unprecedented joblessness and growth of the moocher class. Moving forward implies becoming a better version of oneself. Obama is not taking our country in a direction of self idealization but off the cliff of self destruction.

Remember all the promises of bipartisanship? How has that worked out over the past two years? What actually happened? A look at the facts:

[...] Which Obama are we going to get?

The answer: Probably the same one we've already seen. The same president that treated bipartisanship as nothing but smoke and mirrors. While holding a few meetings here and there, even a summit on healthcare, Republicans have been blocked from virtually everything the Democrats have done over the last two years. The great and wonderful stimulus package was crafted without a single Republican in the room. In fact, House Democrats shut Republicans out of offering floor amendments to all spending legislation. The recent small business package? Republicans were shut out of offering any amendments. Healthcare? Same exact thing. The Democrats, including Barack Obama, cannot claim bipartisanship and then completely shut out the other side. How many times did Obama react to an effort from Republicans to present ideas by saying "Hey ... I won!" Now with the Republicans coming into their own and gaining power in Congress, it will be interesting to see what Obama does when he doesn't have Nancy Pelosi and maybe even Harry Reid there as his first line of defense.

The Republicans have certainly played their own part in reckless spending. I think it's a big reason they lost in 2008, but the current Democrat administration have continued that policy with a vengeance. So the Republicans stand to make gains again, but it had better be different this time:

At least the Republicans seem to be embracing the fact that people are not going to the polls because they are in love with Republicans. That's a good thing. Republicans are realizing that they have a lot of work to do in order to get our country back on track and prove to those voters why they made the right decision on November 2nd.

On the night of the elections, John Boehner has made it clear that he does not consider November 2nd a time to party. He wants America to see that the Republicans are serious about tackling the problems we face. NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain says, "... even if voters remove Democrats from power, you don't celebrate at a time when one in 10 Americans are out of work and our children's future is threatened by mountains of debt."

They are right. Let's hope that they maintain this attitude for the next two years. And beyond. Things have this nasty little tendency to change when they get to Washington, pick out their drapes, their fresh flowers for their Congressional offices, and sink into the chair of power.

This time, the people will hold their feet to the fire.

Government will never be perfect. The founder's called it "A necessary evil" for a reason. The best way to limit government's potential for evil, is to limit the power of government itself. At the very least, those who are drunk with government power are overdue for a restraining order.

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