Monday, January 10, 2011

The bias and dishonesty of the Media as they try to exploit the Giffords shooting for political spin

Most of the people who work in the mainstream media are Democrats, and they seem to be bending over backwards to make the Giffords assassin look like a Tea Party person. They just can't stop themselves. Never mind that the shooter, Loughner, is a Truther Pothead Creep Nihilist Psycho who has more in common with Jane Fonda than Sara Palin.

Back in the 80's, when Hinckley shot Reagan, nobody called it political. They just said Hinckley was crazy. I don't see it as any different here. Loughner sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic. Described by a friend as "confrontational and non-linear". Non-linear. How sane does that sound?

A look at the actual facts is more telling than biased media spin:

How Odd: Details Emerge About AZ Shooter and Giffords, None Involve Palin
The Wall Street Journal has been kind enough to publish an article that looks at the actual facts and background the Arizona shooter, divulging details about the freak’s past, including what happened at the 2007 meeting between him and Giffords. Other details of his decline are also discussed which, weirdly enough, have absolutely nothing to do with politics or Sarah Palin. I know, shocking.

As the orgy of blaming Palin and ‘crosshairs’ and ‘inflammatory political rhetoric’ continues, the actual tipping point for the AZ shooter seems to have been a breakup with a girlfriend, drug abuse and resentment at Giffords for what he thought was a disrespectful response at a 2007 ‘Congress on Your Corner.’

In one of the rare stories that doesn’t mention or blame Sarah Palin or the Tea Party, we get a clearer look at the alleged gunman and what seems to have sent him on his rampage Saturday morning. And, surprise, it wasn’t Palin, political rhetoric, or ‘prejudice and bigotry.’

Suspect Fixated on Giffords
Accused Gunman Went to Congresswoman’s Event in 2007; ‘I Planned Ahead’ [...]

It goes on with excerpts from the Wall St. Journal article. It reveals an unhappy youth who got into illegal drug use and became increasingly anti-social and disturbed. Who raged against the US Constitution. Certainly not a Tea Party person. When will the MSM start reporting the facts, instead of "spin"? I won't hold my breath.

Here is a good reminder of where the real hate is coming from:
The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010

It's a shame that during this National tragedy, that the Left has to resort to lies and distortions to try to exploit it to their advantage. They have no shame. For them, "The ends justifies the means". Facts be damned.     

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