Sunday, January 30, 2011

From "California Dream", to "Hell Hole"

22 Facts About California That Make You Wonder Why Anyone Would Still Want To Live In That Hellhole Of A State
... what most people are focused on right now is the horrific financial condition that the state of California currently is in. Governor Brown recently summarized his analysis of California's financial condition with the following statement: "We've been living in fantasy land. It is much worse than I thought. I'm shocked."

Yes, things really are that bad in California.

The following are 22 facts about California that make you wonder why anyone would still want to live in that hellhole of a state....

What? ONLY 22? Having lived there for 24 years, I can tell ya, there's more.

Here is how they got where they are now:

Harsh Truth About California. And Our Nation?

And this, I think, may be their only way out:

Best option to avoid a massive federal bailout

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