Friday, July 14, 2006

Double Trouble: has Bush abandoned "cowboy diplomacy" ?
Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the cartoon. You can read their related commentary and links HERE.
We're hoping that Israel continues to vigorously defend herself and refuse negotiations with Hezbollah and Hamas for the kidnapped Israeli soldiers. In our cartoon "Non-negotiable" we celebrated such an aggressive response. But it should be remembered that the terrorists' tactics have worked for them in the past...

(bold emphasis mine) Read the rest, and you will understand why the terrorists are kidnapping Israeli soldiers. This should underscore why we don't negotiate with terrorists.

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the cartoon. You can read their related commentary and links HERE.
...At the United Nations, there were differences over a Japanese-backed draft resolution to sanction North Korea. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said the measure had "broad and deep support," but Russia's deputy U.N. ambassador told The Associated Press that Moscow would not back sanctions, as the resolution calls for.

Instead, Russia wants the council to pass a nonbinding presidential statement with the goal of getting North Korea back into six-party talks on its nuclear program.

Is it any wonder Japan is freaked? It's way too close. I read somewhere that the missiles were aimed at Hawaii.

It's easy for Russia to go lightly on North Korea, it's not close to them. You just have to hope Russia hasn't sold nukes or North Korea or Iran.

Iran has been preparing for battle in every other way possible...

Pat Santy at the Dr. Sanity blog has three good posts relating to these issues:

...It is no coincidence--as others have pointed out--that Iran has taken action on the eve of its nuclear deadline. The war it has initiated is designed to 1)deflect attention away from its nuclear program (not quite ready yet, are we?); and to force the U.S.'s hand in the region--i.e., forcing us to act before they think we were quite ready to act.

In all this, Iran is counting on the appeasement of both the UN and the EU ;and they haven't been disappointed, have they?

But in all this maneuvering, Iran betrays its fundamental ignorance of the psychology of both Israel and the U.S. ...

Be sure and read the whole post, with it's embedded links. Dr. Sanity does her homework. Her other posts:

...The time is rapidly approaching when we see if George Bush's fine rhetoric about bringing terrorists to justice, and freedom to all people has been halted at the borders of Iraq. We have flushed the real enemies of civilization out in the last 5 years since 9/11; and perhaps, we managed to flush them out before they were entirely ready--forced their hand so to speak--by our actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is just possible that we have a slight, but definite advantage over the mullahs and the patient game of chess they have been playing.

Because now, it should be crystal clear to anyone who has been paying attention, who the puppet-masters of terror have been all along.

They have been planning for this scenario ever since Jimmy Carter failed to stand up to them when they brashly held Americans hostage without consequences some years back. Ahmadinejad, one of the ringleaders of that action, apparently was satisfied that he understood the cut of America's jib from that experience; and that in the decades since his first terrorist action, the physical impotence of Carter has spread into the body politic of America, resulting in the complete moral paralysis exhibited by a majority of Democrats and the MSM today.

In other words, Iran is confident that even George Bush will not dare stand against their plans for Middle Eastern Armageddon.

I think that Ahmadinejad is wrong about this...

(bold emphasis mine) Near the end of the article, Dr. Sanity quotes Michael Ledeen:

"You cannot escape the mullahs. You must either defeat them or submit to their terrible vision. There is no other way."

The Democrats and the MSM are completly blind to this; we would all be dead before they even begin to understand.

It's worth reading the whole article, which also has some good embedded links, and some more excerpts from Ledeen about Iran and Syria, their roll in the current conflict, and their motivation for these actions. And finally:

In my last post I suggested that with the current crisis developing in the middle east, it was time to see if President Bush really meant what he said back in 2001.

I happen to think that he did mean it; and that despite the wishful thinking we have been reading about in the press-- that he has abandoned "cowboy diplomacy" and given in to the "realists" at the State Department--George Bush is pretty much the same man he has always been...

Dr. Sanity presents a good case for this opinion, with embedded links that support her theory. Let's hope she's right.

On another matter entirely: The Palestinians claim to need financial aid just to survive from day to day. Yet even as they plead poverty, it seems they have money to buy (and make and sell?) things like these:


Here are some items that were for sale in Gaza, to commemorate the 911 attacks. The 2nd item is a cigarette lighter. Nice.

These folks have WAY too much time on their hands, thanks to hand-outs from western governments. It leaves them a lot of free time for... other pursuits.

Related Links:

Anybody remember Vietnam War protestor "Country Joe" McDonald's song lyric: "Be the first one on your block to have your son come home in a box"? (McDonald, by the way, is still running around hitting the same note; lately he's been seen with Cindy Sheehan.) Well, when Country Joe sang, he meant his words as parody, because he comes out of a culture that doesn't believe in child sacrifice. But when the Palestinians say it, they're deadly serious. Palestinian TV is now (once again) running a call to the children to die in war. "How pleasant is the smell of the earth whose thirst is quenched by blood pouring out of young bodies," the children are told.

...Anybody who has ever been a kid will remember the nasty ideas that pop into your head. If you're born into a decent society, you'll be exposed to influences that press you to follow your better nature while controlling your savage impulses. The Palestinian culture does the opposite, nurturing and validating the most evil desires. The result is ultimately a culture that has been "weaponized", ready and willing and anxious to choose violence as the first and only answer to any situation.

This, and not carbon dioxide, is the real "inconvenient truth" that the world wishes to deny...

(bold emphasis mine) Maynard at the Tammy Bruce blog got this right. The Palestinians are only a part of a larger death cult that is gripping the Muslim world. That grip must be broken, not appeased. Our very survival may depend on it.

Michelle Malkin offers a list of blog links that are covering many of the events talked about here.



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Minor quibble. "Be the first one on your block, to have your BOY come home in a box."

We loved that song back in the days when it was popular. One of our tank commanders had it constantly blasting from loudspeakers surrounding his tank. We loved it because it pissed off the brass so very much.

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Interesting stuff .. that first cartoon works so well because, unfortunately, it is so true