Monday, July 31, 2006

the DELIBERATE targeting of civilians

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the cartoon. You can read their related commentary and links HERE. Here is an excerpt from one of their links (by Eleana Gordon):

We should not be bound by our past perceptions and definitions. The perpetrator of an act that has all the hallmarks of terrorism — deliberately targeting civilians, intent to send a message, in support of a broader cause or ideology — is a terrorist, whether or not he, or she, is formally affiliated with a terrorist organization.

All this has important implications for how we fight terrorism. We need to pay close attention to how radical Islamic ideas, such as jihad against infidels, are promoted in our country. We should keep a watch on Islamic hate groups, just as we keep a watch on Christian white-supremacist hate groups. And we should be on the lookout for hate-driven, sympathizer terrorism, a phenomenon that is real, that is happening, and which must be recognized if we are to have any chance to defeat it.

(bold emphasis mine) This lady makes a lot of sense. How can you stop the enemy if you can't even recognize them? Political correctness and multiculturalism are both preventing us from scrutinizing and honestly discussing what Mulsims are doing and teaching in our country, and that has to stop.

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Pamela Waechter, R.I.P.
...She worked for the Jewish Federation of Seattle for 8 years; spent nine years as a family support volunteer for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; served on the board of her congregation, Temple B'nai Torah, including president for three years; earned the 1993 Jesse Danz Outstanding Volunteer Award from Jewish Family Service; was the UHAC/Central Conference of American Rabbis Commission on Reform Jewish Outreach for nine years, including four years as Vice Chair; and was on the National Board Member of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations for eight years.

She was also the federation's former director of special events and worked as development officer and assistant director of annual giving...

A random gallery of "lone" shooters
All Muslims, of course. Are we allowed to connect the dots yet? Or would that be too insensitive? And speaking of sensitivity, the next link asks a good question:

When do terrorists warn civilians?

It's a warning leaflet distributed by Israeli Defense Forces for the safety of Lebanese civilians--warning them to evacuate their cities and villages so that Hezbollah will not use them as human shields.

Now, someone show me the warning leaflets Hezbollah dropped on all the cities in Israel it has lobbed missiles and rockets at, okay? ...

(Hat tip to LMC's Sunday Smorgasboard for the cartoon)

This cartoon sums it up nicely. Is Hezbollah trying not to kill civilians, by launching rockets into Israel? Are they trying to avoid Lebanese civilian deaths, by launching their attacks from heavily populated civilian areas. There have even been reports that civilians are prevented by Hezbollah from leaving those areas. They regard these civilian human shields as shahids - martyrs - even if they did not volunteer to die. Since they will go to heaven as martyrs, it's ok to get them killed, wether they want to or not.

Our MSM fully supports them in this, making it profitable for the "Party of God" to continue doing it.

Hezbollah has no problem with killing civilians; that's what they are all about. If they succeed in destroying Israel, who do you think will be next?

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