Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is Pelosi over-reaching for air transport perks?

She IS entitled to military transport, for security reasons. Yet the story is getting more complicated. I wasn't going to say anything about this, because I don't want to nit-pick. But it's starting to turn into a circus of sorts.

Pelosi wants to be able to fly from Washington to San Francisco, non-stop, with no refueling stops. I don't blame her for that; takeoffs and landings are unnerving. She also cites security reasons for not making refueling stops.

The thing is, she CAN do that, with the same plane her predecessor had. What she can't do, is bring tons of folks with her for a free ride, without stopping halfway to refuel. So she wants a bigger plane:

From Neal Boortz:
[...] The story is really a bit pathetic, and it just won't go away! Nancy Pelosi wants the Pentagon to fly her back and forth between Washington and San Francisco. Fine, that' s fair. Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert had access to a Pentagon Gulfstream III to fly him back and forth to Illinois. Good enough for him, good enough for her.

But wait! Evidently that isn't good enough for her? Princess Nancy wants a bigger plane! She wants a 757! Something, I think, about being able to fly non-stop to San Francisco. Well, the G-III is fully capable of that mission ... if, that is, the airplane isn't loaded down with an entourage. But evidently that is what Pelosi wants! She wants friends, family members and other members of the California delegation to be able to fly with her! More people, less fuel. Less fuel, less range. Oops! Now she needs a 757? And don't forget her wealthy friends in the tuna industry! They might want a ride too!

She even delivered a backhanded suggestion that she was being discriminated against because she's a woman. Then she suggested that Don Rumsfeld may be behind the Pentagon's turn-down of the 757 request. [...]

As if that's not enough, Neal also tells us that John Murtha is dropping dark hints that funding for the Pentagon may suffer if they don't cave and hand Nancy her 757!

Nancy's office claims it's much ado about nothing; that she is just making inquiries as to what is available. I guess we'll have to watch and see what happens.

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What she already has available to her sounds pretty good. Does she NEED a plane that can transport 44 to 111 people? How many people did her predecessor transport with him?

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