Monday, June 02, 2008

How often are questions "distractions" ?

If you are Barack Obama, it would seem the answer is "quite often".

While certainly that claim might be applicable sometimes, it seems that the Messiah is starting to make a habit of it, as a way of avoiding the criticism and questioning all candidates have to put up with:

Obama’s Shiny Quarter Problem

William Teach provides us with many examples of Obama claiming questions are a distraction, and concludes:
[...] Now, we all know about Obama’s gaffes, some which are silly, and we all could make, and others which are whoppers. But, what does it tell you about Barack “the man who wants to be the leader of the world’s only remaining super power” Obama that he is not able, and is unwilling, to discuss issues that are important to other people? That everything that doesn’t come on his cue cards is a distraction? Everything that looks bad for him is handled as “eh, whatever.” For a man who is running primarily on his character, doesn’t paint a pretty picture when he cannot respond to critisism about his character.

If he wins the general election in November, will he call anything that is not important to him, but important to the American People, a distraction?

Essentially, the whole distraction thing is a way to distract from Obama’s pitiful record, his lack of governing knowledge, his extreme leftist viewpoints, and his poor character.

Other candidates aren't dismissing questions as distractions. Obama's continual use of this claim just adds credibility to the charge that he's an elitist who feels he's above having to deal with being questioned like other candidates. I think it's also yet another example of his inexperience in politics.

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