Sunday, June 08, 2008

John McCain: Take a Chance on Me

Shocking scandal: John McCain is an ABBA fan:

McCain controversy
[...] "He said that a lot of people won't admit that they love ABBA, but he would," radio jock Rich Berra says. "Then he asked us if it was old-fashioned to like ABBA, and we said that it wasn't old-fashioned at all."

Well, what could they say? Granted, ABBA broke up back in the '80s and was seen as wildly unfashionable for a time. However, the fab foursome has gained a whole new respect in recent years thanks to the success of the stage musical Mamma Mia!, which uses an all-ABBA score. A movie version opens July 18; we're sure McCain will catch it opening weekend.

The jocks also got the politico to drop an even bigger ABBA bomb: Before campaign speeches, he'll listen to the group's Take a Chance on Me to pump himself up.

"Those are the kind of hard-hitting political questions we ask," Berra says.

McCain spokesman Jeff Sadosky says it's not unusual for his boss to make unscheduled calls into radio programs. [...]

If you don't remember the song "Take a Chance on Me", here is ABBA's music video to refresh your memory:

I didn't care much for ABBA when I was a kid, but now it seems nostalgic. And like so many things I didn't care for in my youth, I find myself liking them a lot now.

Regardless of music preferences, John McCain's the best candidate we have, and he's got my vote.

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Debbie Out Loud said...

ABBA's great! I'm not a McCain fan (nor an Obama fan), but at least he has good taste in music.