Friday, January 16, 2009

Painter Andrew Wyeth dies at age 91

This has always been a favorite of mine:

It evokes so much. Called "Christina's World", it's a painting of a neighbor in Maine, who was disabled and pulled herself across the ground on the farm.

The painter, Andrew Wyeth, recently passed away:

Andrew Wyeth, 'Christina's World' painter, dies
(CNN) -- Andrew Wyeth, the American painter perhaps best known for his painting of a young woman in a field, "Christina's World," has died, according to an official with the Brandywine River Museum in Pennsylvania.

Wyeth, 91, died in his sleep Thursday night at his home near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to Lora Englehart, public relations coordinator for the museum.


Wyeth, who lived in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and Maine, "has been enormously popular and critically acclaimed since his first one-man show in 1937," according to a biography in InfoPlease.

His main subjects were the places and people of Chadds Ford and Cushing, Maine.

"Christina's World," painted in 1948, shows a disabled Maine neighbor who drags herself through a field toward her house in the distance. The painting, displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, has been regarded as Wyeth's most popular. [...]

If you follow the link to the full article, it contains a link to the Works of Andrew Wyeth, who received the National Medal of Arts from President Bush in November 2007.

He looked like he was happy. He must have had a full, interesting life.

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