Saturday, April 04, 2009

Danish P.M. Anders Fogh Rasmussen is IN

There were doubts he would be given the position, because of Turkish objections over the fake "Danish Cartoon" controversy, among other things. Concessions were made to the Turks:

NATO leaders pick Dane as new secretary-general
STRASBOURG, France – NATO leaders appointed Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen as NATO's new secretary-general Saturday after overcoming Turkish objections to a leader who angered Muslims around the world by supporting the right to caricature the Prophet Muhammad.

NATO's outgoing head, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, said NATO's 28 member nations reached unanimity after a series of Turkish "concerns" were addressed at the alliance's two-day, 60th-anniversary summit.

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters that his government's requests had included the closure of a Kurdish satellite television broadcaster based in Denmark; the establishment of contacts between NATO and Islamic countries; appointment of a Turk as an aide to Fogh Rasmussen and senior NATO command positions for Turkish generals.

Erdogan said President Barack Obama had been heavily involved in the negotiations.

"Our president gave his approval after receiving information that our reservations have been addressed under the guarantorship of Obama," Erdogan said. "We hope our concerns will be met."

Obama said there had been "important efforts to make sure that everyone felt included."

Fogh Rasmussen told a NATO news conference in Danish that the station, Roj TV, was being investigated to find out whether it has any ties with the Kurdish militant group PKK or has advocated terror attacks, something the station has repeatedly denied.

"If it can be proven that Roj TV is involved in terror activities, we will of course do all we can to shut down the television station," he said.

"I have not given in to the Turks," he said on Danish television Saturday evening. "Sometimes it is better to sit face-to-face with people," [...]

The concessions to Turkey are understandable. The PKK has been waging terrorist attacks against Turkey, killing Turkish civilians. The Turkish government has every right to fight that aggressively.

But this AP article annoyed me, because it goes on to talk about why Fogh Rasmussen was "controversial", with out talking about the lies that created the fake controversy in the first place. I had posted about it extensively at the time the Danish Cartoon Riots happened:

The Lying Danish Imams
Should be Put to DEATH... according to Islam!

The American Main Stream Media
and the Danish Cartoons

Do we need a "Star Wars" strategy for Islam?

How can the AP talk about "why Fogh Rasmussen was controversial", without telling you the truth about the controversy? About the massive propaganda campaign that was waged by radical Danish Imams, who went on tour with fake cartoons much worse than the ones published by the Danish. The imams claimed those were the ones published, and they told lies about the Danish people attacking Islam, in order to incite Muslims into rioting, to use that as a political force.

Why did the AP leave that part of the story out? I'll tell you why they did: Political Correctness. Truth be damned.

I say, damn the liars. Anyway, hopefully it's a good thing that Rasmussen got in, and that Turkish concerns are being addressed.

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