Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome New Year 2010!

This past year I spend a lot of time blogging about politics. But enough is enough. I said most of what I had to say before the election in November 2008, as a warning. Now I am watching most of it come to pass. I spent too much of 2009 repeating myself. Most of my political posts don't get widely read, so I'm not going to waste my time on them anymore. I have lots of things I want to read, and lots of things I want to do. I will spend more time doing that.

When the Democrats got elected, I knew they would start doing Democrat things that I would not like. I expect that from them, it's no surprise. To whine about every little thing they do is pointless; I'll choose my battles carefully.

I think far too much emphasis is put on Obama as president as being the main problem. The problem is not Obama especially; the Democrat party leadership is the problem, and they would be doing all these things no matter who the Democrat president is. The actual problem is that the Democrats have too much power right now, and are thus pulling things way out of balance.

Conservatives seem to be taking comfort in the fact that Obama's approval rating keeps dropping. But perhaps they are too eager. They should consider that many of the people who are disapproving of Obama's performance are Hardcore Leftists, who feel he isn't pushing the country Left far enough or fast enough.

That to me, is frightening. It has caused me to moderate my criticism of Obama somewhat, and not jump on him for every little thing I don't like. I'm not giving up criticizing; this current Administration certainly needs a strong opposition to oppose it. But I do want to be more thoughtful about how and where I direct criticism, and be more pro-active rather than reactive. I won't sweat the small stuff; it's the price we pay for losing an election. We just have to deal with it, and support alternatives.

And, where possible this year, I want to "accentuate the positive". Blogging, for me, needs to be about things I'm interested in, things I enjoy, things that give me hope, or important information that I feel needs to be disseminated. For me it HAS to be more than just a place to gripe about what I don't like. No doubt there will be some of that too, but not too much. I have lots of other enjoyable, meaningful things to attend to in my busy, wonderful life, things I wish to make progress with, and I intend to do just that.

Best Wishes to Everyone for a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year. May we all do our part to help make it so.

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