Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Defund NPR now... and make them more honest

First there was the Juan Williams debacle, thanks to Vivian Schiller.

Then there was Vivian Schiller's Grand Scheme for putting local news agencies out of business so NPR could take them over, creating a government subsidized news monopoly.

Now there's the Ron Schiller debacle. Vivian throws Ron under the bus. Then NPR's board of directors throws Vivian under the bus.

Who cares? You know they are going to be replaced with left-wing dingbats who think exactly the same way as the people they are replacing. I heard NPR on the air yesterday, trying to spin this, denying they believe any of the things that they said. I simply don't believe them. I've listened to them for YEARS; it's pretty obvious what they believe. When will they start being honest about it?

NPR can say or do whatever they like. It's a free country, and I support their right to express their opinions. However, they can do it on their own dime, like everyone else. As a taxpayer, I don't wish to pay to promote ideas I don't approve of.

I've listened to NPR for decades. Some of the programing is nonpartisan, but most of it is biased towards the Left. It often offends me. I can deal with that, but I definitely don't want my tax dollars subsidizing it.

If they don't like the loss of revenue, they can run commercials like everyone else. Maybe even broaden their market share by trying to appeal to a wider audience? There's a novel idea!

They won't disappear, they will just have to adapt. And now is the time for it.

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