Tuesday, December 20, 2005

EC blog post re: Corporate Responsibility

Here is an interesting blog post by EC VICE president Margot Wallstroem. It seems she is accusing Microsoft, Yahoo and Google of having flexible morals when it comes to dealing with China:

"... I was very disappointed to learn that Microsoft has agreed to block Chinese blog entries that use words like “democracy“, “freedom“, “human rights“ and “demonstration.”

It seems like Microsoft is not alone in “bad company“. Google has agreed to exclude publications that the Chinese government finds objectionable. And Yahoo has even gone further. They collaborated with the Chinese government and gave up the name of a writer who sent an e-mail that commented on a party decision. Based on this information, the man received a ten-year prison sentence..."

There are some great comments left on her blog by visitors. You can read Margot's entire blog post here.

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