Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy People, Firefox 1.5, Penguin Games

Happy People Make a Better World
by Dennis Prager

When you think about a Muslim suicide terrorist, is "happy" the first word you think of to describe him?

When you think about Nazis or Communists or Klansmen or child molesters, do you immediately think, "Now there are some happy people"?

Of course not.

It only takes a moment's thought to realize that while most unhappy people don't engage in evil, most evil is done by unhappy people. This is true on both the macro and the micro levels. We all know how much more likely we are to lash out at others when we are unhappy and how much we desire to make others feel good when we feel happy.

Given this association of evil with unhappy people, it is quite remarkable how little attention is paid to happiness as a moral, rather than only a personal psychological issue. Too often the pursuit of happiness (not the pursuit of fun or excitement) is regarded as a selfish pursuit, when in fact it is one of the best things a person can do for everyone in his life and for the world at large. The Founders of America were brilliant in many ways, not more so than by enshrining that pursuit alongside the pursuit of life and liberty.

It is therefore worth noticing how little thought is given to the question of happiness in attempting to understand the roots of evil and in seeking ways to improve the world.

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Firefox 1.5 upgrade brings extension headaches

The arrival of Firefox 1.5, with its new extensions architecture, has thrown a few curves to users who might not be quite so technically inclined. The new architecture has required a number of existing extensions to be rewritten, and new ones to be developed.

"Many users upgrading ... to Version 1.5 will lose features on which they depend to perform daily business tasks," reader Donald French wrote to "Only users who thoroughly read through the technical 'Release Notes' are warned about the potential loss of functionality. Other users only discover that these features are missing after the upgrade.

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Penquin Games

Here is a great game to play, when you are feeling frustrated with Linux and want to smack a penguin around for a bit:

A club-weilding Yeti helps you get the job done. How far can you hit a penguin? I got as far a 350 feet.

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