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Islamic cult thinking:
a pathological mental illness?

The following is an excerpt from the on-line introduction to the Comic Book Mohammed's "Believe It or Else":

Why Mock Islam?
by Ali Sina

Because it is therapeutic! Mocking is a very powerful way to convince those who are unwilling to think to do it. Shame is a great motivator.

Muhammad suffered from malignant narcissistic personality disorder. His followers, to the degree that they emulate him, think like him and try to behave like him, have entered into his narcissistic bubble universe and have become narcissists by extension. This happens to all cultists. In all cults, the insanity of the guru reflects on the followers who surrender their intelligence to him and follow him unquestioningly and brainlessly.

The narcissists feel grandiose and self-important. They want to be acknowledged without commensurate merit. They want recognition and preferential treatment. They expect respect without feeling any obligation to reciprocate. They get their sense of self- importance by putting you down, criticizing you, decrying your world and disparaging your values, but you are not allowed to slight them. It is okay for them to violate your rights, abuse you and even kill you, but you are not supposed to mistreat them in the slightest way. In fact, they demand privileges that are not available to others. What they want is your submission. That is what Islam is all about – submission...

(bold emphasis mine) This introduction makes some excellent points, you can read the whole thing HERE, including the comic book itself on-line.

There is also an on-line An Interview with Ali Sina on Muslims in Europe. An excerpt:

Q01: You have often stated that Islam is a dangerous cult which promotes violence. Yet many Islamic scholars and officials say that this is only a misunderstanding, a bad picture of Islam made by few misguided terrorists. They say that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. In fact, the word “islam” actually means “peace” in Arabic. How can you explain this difference between their opinion and yours?

Words can mean different things to different people. It is important to understand what people mean when they use a certain word. Let’s make an example. Take the word gay. Fifty years ago, gay meant exclusively cheerfulness, lighthearted excitement, merry or bright colors. Today this word has a different meaning. You won’t call a cheerful person gay because it could be understood as something else.

Just as the same word can mean different things in different times, it can also mean different things in different cultures. Islam does not mean peace. It means submission. The word “peace” for Muslims has a different meaning. Peace, according to Muslims, will be achieved when everyone submits to Islam.

Muslims can't offer peace. They can offer truce. In their minds, peace will be achieved only when you are subdued and they are the masters. Any other arrangement is not Islamic.

Recently the newly elected leaders of Hamas, who have been surprisingly honest, have spelled the concept of Islamic peace eloquently. They said that they won't give up on their quest to destroy Israel but meanwhile, as long as they are weak and realizing that such dream is not yet possible, they are willing to work out a truce, to be broken when they feel strong enough to wipe out Israel from the map and establish the "peace" as it is acceptable by Islam.

Muhammad divided the world in two sectors. One he called Dar us Salam (House of Peace) and the other, Dar al Harb (House of War). All countries, where Islam is not the ruling authority, are Dar al Harb. It is the duty of the Muslims to wage Jihad in Dar al Harb, overthrow the governments and force people into submission. This is the only kind of peace that Islam recognizes...

(bold emphasis mine) This is nothing new, it's always been like this. The only thing that has changed is that in the West, the political left is using multiculturalism and political correctness to weaken us, and support Jihadists against us.

Melanie Phillips, in her article "The country that hates itself", explains it thus:
...At the heart of multiculturalism lies a radical egalitarianism by which everyone’s culture and lifestyle has equal validity and moral stature. The consequence is that people are increasingly unable to make moral distinctions based on behaviour. Instead, minorities of all kinds — ethnic, religious, sexual — are not held responsible for their misdeeds because they are perceived as a victim class. So the majority are held responsible instead.

The greatest exponents of this morally upside-down grievance culture are those Muslims for whose pathological inferiority complex it seems to be tailor-made. They represent their own aggression against the west as defence, because of their belief that the weakness of Islam relative to the west must be the result of a western conspiracy to destroy the religion. Since they therefore think that their culture is under attack, they believe it is legitimate to restore the former global power of the Islamic empire by aggressive attacks which they reconceptualize as defence.

Everything that follows is viewed through this prism. The Islamists’ exaggerated notions of shame and honour mean that every slight turns into a major grievance, disadvantage morphs into paranoia and Islam itself is perceived to be under siege everywhere. The more the free world defends itself, the more the Islamists claim they are under attack. So the more atrocities there are against the west, the more the Islamists claim they are victims of Islamophobia. Truly, this is a dialogue of the demented.

It is impossible to overstate the importance to the global struggle against Islamist extremism of properly understanding and publicly challenging this moral, intellectual and philosophical inversion, which translates aggressor into victim and vice versa.

Only by doing so will the free world realize that it is not enough to thwart actual terrorist plots, crucial as that is. What must also be addressed is the fanatical hatred in people’s heads that drives them to such inhuman acts, and which is itself fuelled by paranoid fantasies and lies about a conspiracy to destroy Islam by the west and its supposed puppet-masters, the Jews. It is impossible also to exaggerate the fuel that has been poured onto the fires of Islamist terror by the dupes and malcontents of the western intelligentsia who themselves echo precisely these prejudices...

(bold emphasis mine) Phillips gets it. It's the MENTALITY that is not being dealt with, and things will only get worse until we start being honest about what we are dealing with, and how this mental pathology spreads, grows and thrives.

It was hard to choose an excerpt, the article is very concise and it's worth reading the whole thing.

I have been saying for quite some time that there is a mental pathology at work in the Islamic world, a cult mindset that is unreasonable and irrational. We have yet another case of a lone Muslim attacking Jews and other infidels, this time in San Francisco. We are told, once again, that it is not terrorism or a hate crime; he's just "mentally ill":

"Killer suffered from mental illness" - yep, it's called Islam
Here is a post about yet ANOTHER attack on an American Jewish Community Center. Yet we are told it is not political or a hate crime. It's just another Muslim, who just returned from Pakistan, who just attacked jews, who isn't a terrorist, he's just, uh, "mentally ill".

Yes. It's a pathological mental illness that is being deliberatly progagated and spread. It's called Islamism.

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Where is the Outraged Muslim Mob?

A blood stained and partially burnt Koran lies on the floor of the Shi'ite Buratha mosque after a suicide bombing attack

Here is a burned and bloody Koran. And yet, no hysterical, murderous Muslim riots over the "offense" and "insult" to Islam. Funny enough, this outrage did not come from Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. And no, it's not the latest result of a supposed Marine-Gone-Wild, or Islamophobic Americans destroying the "holy book" of Islam. In fact, with all we have faced since September 11, through the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq, there has never been one single case of American soldiers destroying a Koran.

Instead, this Koran was defiled by Muslims during an act of Muslim cold-blooded murder...

Islam's long history of forced conversions
...Given this enduring (and ignoble) historical legacy, it remains to be seen whether contemporary Muslim religious authorities—particularly those within Palestinian society, and affiliated with Hamas or Fatah—will condemn publicly the forced conversions of the kidnapped Fox reporters. Moreover, will they be joined by a chorus of authoritative voices representing the entire Muslim clerical hierarchy—Sunni and Shi’ite alike—from Mecca and Cairo, Qom and Najaf, to the Muslim advocacy groups in the West (such as CAIR in the United States, and the Muslim Council of Britain in England)—unanimous in their condemnation of this hideous practice, and formalized by a fatwa stating as much? ...

This time the crocodile won't wait
...In her book, Phillips portrays an emasculated Britain ashamed of its own national identity and anxious to appease the "clerical fascism" of the jihadis.

Britain, Phillips warns, is reaping what it has sown. A large minority of British Muslims are disaffected at best and seditious at worst. Phillips cites a 2004 Home Office survey finding that 26% of British Muslims felt no loyalty to Britain, 13% supported terrorism, and about 1% (up to 20,000 individuals) were "actively engaged" in terrorism or support for terrorism. Another poll found that 32% of British Muslims agreed that "Western society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to bring it to an end".

Phillips believes that in the event of a violent collision between the West and Iran, for example, civil conflict might arise in Britain on a scale resembling that in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. I believe I will be much worse and more along the lines of the Spanish Civil War of the mid to late 1930s....

More and more it seems like we are re-living the 1930's again. Most people naturally don't WANT war, so they resist the idea, grasping at any apparent alternative. To a point that is understandable. But there is also the point where he who hesitates, dies.

Like Hitler, this enemy is on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons. Like Japan, the enemy is gripped by a suicide death cult. But unlike Hitler's Germany, Iran is even closer to obtaining the bomb, and it has oil fields to finace it's ambitions. Unlike Japan, the Jihadist death cult is WORLD WIDE, and growing outside the boundries of any one country.

Are we at war with Islam? It would be more correct to say that there is a segment of Jihadist Islam that is at war with us; a segment that is growing as we increasingly fail to recognize it for what it is and deal with it effectively. Our lack of reponse only encourages it.

I am by no means saying that every Muslim is pathologically mentally ill; I have met moderate, educated Muslims who want to participate in the world community as equals. The reason we don't hear more from moderate Muslims is because in much of the Middle East, they would be killed for expressing their views. Those moderates who have immigrated to the West and then speak out, also face death threats. The attack of 9-11 was a message to them too, saying "If we can do this to the infidel in NYC, we can do this to YOU also, where ever you are. Don't even THINK about speaking out or trying to reform Islam".

Muslim moderates understand the pathological death cult; it's about time we understand it too, and help give the moderates a voice. It's time to be strong again, to drop the politically correct multi-culturalism the left has been trying to smother us with, and say we won't tolerate Jihadism any longer, and back it up with actions.

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