Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dancing Snacks Explain Movie Theater Rules

This is a pre-movie trailer you will likely never see in a theater!

WARNING! NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Contains naughty words and loud music.

This pre-movie cartoon is almost 3 minutes long. It features singing, dancing snacks that explain what the proper behavior in the movie theater should be during the movie. Half way through their song and dance though, some "punk rock" snacks decide the "dancing snacks" are too wimpy. They take over the instruction with a band performance, that lets you know bluntly what the rules are... and the consequences of not obeying them.

I just HAD to laugh at this. I lived in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in the 1980's when the punk rockers were taking it over. I mostly disliked them, but sometimes their bluntness was refreshing; sometimes their rudeness was SO over-the-top that it was hilarious.

This little cartoon has elements of both those things. The punk rockers I knew back then are now in their 40's; I imagine they like going to the movies, and find people talking during the show annoying. No doubt this cartoon speaks for them.

Gee, it kinda even speaks for me! ;-)

Hat tip to Nealz Nuze for the link.

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