Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hamas Micky Mouse becomes Martyr on TV

#1497 - Farfour, Hamas' Mickey Mouse Character, Is 'Martyred' in the Final Episode of the "Pioneers of Tomorrow" Children Show on Hamas TV
Al-Aqsa TV (Palestinian Authority) - 6/29/2007 - 00:04:43

Hamas has used "Farfour", a Jihad version of Micky Mouse, for a while now, to teach Martyrdom to Palestinian children. It's attracted attention in the West, because of the bizarreness of using a Western children's cartoon icon to cultivate and recruit potential suicide bombers.

After promising not to use the character anymore, and then continuing to do so anyway, they finally got rid of Farfour... by making him a Martyr.

Not to worry though, they plan on using more famous cartoon characters in the future to take Farfour's place. Isn't that reassuring?

Here's a copy of the video from Youtube, it's about 4 minutes and 42 seconds long:

I could have killed Farfour myself, just for the whiny voice and bad acting!

What I want to know is, why are we sending millions of dollars in American taxpayers money to support Hamas? It's that welfare money that makes it possible for Hamas to produce crap like this to brainwash their children. Thus, the problem perpetuates itself endlessly... and WE help fund it!

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