Saturday, July 14, 2007

Here is your next car...

I came across this item recently:

FuelVapor Technologies' Alé: Coolest. Car. Ever.
Look at this car. Wow. Not only is FuelVapor Technologies' baby clearly the coolest car since...well, ever, this three-wheeled, aerodynamic two-seater also gets 92 miles to the gallon, goes 0-60 in under 5 seconds (even I know that's fast), and has a "super-low" emissions rating.

Again: Wow. The Alé runs on regular gasoline and has been in production for fifteen years... time well spent, I'd say. [...]

Yes, Wow indeed! It's said to be the one of the highest mileage cars in North America. Plans are to begin limited production of the car in 2008.

I find the idea of a three-wheel car a bit disconcerting, though. And it looks like a rocket ship... is this fuel efficient "green" car something you would drive to the local convenience store to get milk or a loaf of bread? I mean, who is this car for? Who's their target market? No doubt it will be interesting to see.

For more stats and info, visit the links above.


MAX Redline said...

Cool-lookin' for sure. But: will you be able to afford it? They're sure not commenting!

Anonymous said...

Germany has had these little treasures for years. Would work as a second car - the one-on-one work commute - for one person and their laptop! ;-)

Chas said...


Yes, it's very sporty looking. I see they are still trying to attract investors, and they are talking about a "limited" first edition. I expect they won't know how much it's going to cost until they get all their investors lined up, and decide how many cars will be built for the first edition. I suspect it's going to cost a lot!


I did a Google search for images of 3 wheel cars. You're right, there are LOTS of them. Some have the third wheel in front, some in back. Some look like race cars, others are more utilitarian.

I think this particular car will be special for it's fuel mileage, the FuelVapor technology is intriguing. I wonder how well it would work if it was applied to a more conventional car design?