Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Picasa 3, beta version, looks fantastic

Introducing Picasa 3.0 (beta)

I posted a while back about Picasa 2.7, the stable version that I currently use. It's a wonderful, useful, Free to download and use program from Google, that runs on Windows and Linux.

As the video demonstrates, the Picasa Beta Version 3.0 looks amazing, with many new and wonderful features. But it's still Beta, potentially unstable, so I'm going to wait for the final release. Unfortunately I couldn't find a target date for that, but when it happens I'll be sure and blog about it again. In the meantime, these new features look like something we can look forward to.

Webmonkey has a short review on the latest Picasa beta for Linux:

Picasa for Linux 3.0: Photo Management Done Right


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