Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Voter registration fraud and the Democrat Activists who work and lie to perpetuate it

I've been hearing "fraudulent voter registration isn't the same as voter fraud". Oh, so that makes it ok? What's the POINT of fraudulent registration, if not to let people vote illegally, thereby committing voter fraud? The Democrats have been doing this kind of crap for a long time. How about a close-up look at some of the people doing it? From Michelle Malkin:

Voter fraud alert: Houseful of out-of-state Obama activists registered as Ohio voters, received absentee ballots
[...] My friends at, a network of young reporters who have been doing the voter and registration fraud reporting that the MSM has been slow to do, have a breaking investigative report on how several members of the Democrat Vote From Home team — all Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, and Truman Scholars studying abroad — are turning up on Franklin County voter rolls despite having no bona fide residence in Ohio and admittedly having little to no knowledge about the state before descending on it in August to sign up other new voters in a rush to put 10,000 Obama supporters on the rolls. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) Follow the link and have a look at these cheaters. These "Scholars". Clearly there are Democrats who believe rules don't apply to them.

The MSM is being very slow to report on this. If Republicans were committing these crimes, they would be all over it. But they protect their own.


Anonymous said...

and youre not spouting biased crap? please. yes, voter fraud is a problem. im glad the conservatives have seized on it. procedures should be updated and violators should be punished. but to use this to scare people into voting for mccain by falsely tying obama to this fraud and to imply that his victory would be tainted by fraud is the republican party blowing this situation entirely out of proportion. but of course you dont see that. you just want to protect your own. in which case you wont even post this. buts its ok. i know you read it!

Chas said...

No, It's not crap. It's a fact that this is being done by Obama activists, who have deliberately lied and deceived. These are demonstrable facts, as are Obama's ties to ACORN.

I'm a former Democrat who left the party long ago because of these kinds of lies and corruption which have only gotten worse over time. The way Hillary was treated in the primaries is causing a lot of the more sincere Democrats to wake up to what's going on in their party.

Voter registration fraud is only the tip of the iceberg. What about the millions in illegal campaign contributions from overseas that Obama is receiving? When questioned about it by Charles Gibson, Obama side stepped it. Gibson let it go. No accountability. If you were sincerely interested in voter registration reform, you wouldn't be tarring me as biased for pointing out the problems and their sources.

And speaking of overseas aid, I see you are posting from the Bahamas. Are you even an American citizen? Talk about no accountability! No wonder you post anonymously.