Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama campaign attacks ACORN prosecutors

Obama has not been able to distance himself from ACORN. Not only does he have a history of working with ACORN intimately as a community organizer, but more recently his campaign gave ACORN $800,000 to spend on voter registration. We can all see what they've been doing with it. Since he can't stop the information from coming out, he's shifting his focus on investigators. From Tammy Bruce:

Obamathugs Panic: Want Investigation of ACORN Investigators
Barky's team of thugs now want to prosecute, literally, those who are investigating ACORN fraud. Obama's socialism isn't limited to his economic policies, it's also reflected in his attempt to punish and destroy those who dare to ask questions and investigate wrong-doing. So now we know Barky's focus: prosecute those who dare discuss, expose and investigate crime. Obviously his socialistic policies extend to more than just economics, they also control his plan for society in general. [...]

This aspect of Barack Obama is the thing I find the most disturbing; the way he wields force to try to silence his critics or anyone who would dish the dirt on him.

Remember in the third debate, where Obama claimed that the McCain campaign was %100 percent negative? %100 percent? Translation: NO ONE is supposed to criticize THE ONE. He simply can't tolerate it. And I doubt he'd tolerate it as president, either. I think he would use every power and method at his disposal to silence his critics. Whatever he could get away with.

Here is a 3 minute video about Obama's Ties To ACORN:

Here is an 8 minute video about what ACORN has been doing:

The election process is being subverted here, folks. If we lose it to fraud and corruption, we may never get it back.

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