Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dell's New Student Netbook, the Latitude 2100

Maybe they should call it "The Snitch", because it let's the teacher know if you are on the Web or networking when you should be doing something else:

The video is about 4 minutes. It shows how this netbook is optimized for classroom use, and it's many unique features. It can be used with Linux, Windows XP Home, and Windows Vista. Price is expected to be $370.00.

Linux-ready netbook touted as "Student rugged"
Dell is readying a netbook for the K-12 educational market with a rubberized case and an optional touchscreen. Incorporating an Intel Atom N270 with 1GB RAM, the Latitude 2100 offers a 10.1-inch display, WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, up to 250GB storage, and Ubuntu Linux, says Dell.

While focusing primarily on the K-12 market, the Latitude 2100 is also a good fit for corporate applications including employee training or order fulfillment, says Dell. Features aimed at the K-12 environment include optional touchscreen, webcam, and lock slots. There are also five primary colors available, as well as a personalized labeling window for easy identification. A network activity light is included that enables teachers to easily spot when a student is using the WiFi connection.


The Latitude 2100 ships with remote management software that enables features including Wake-on-LAN, Alert Standard Format, and Microsoft's Systems Management Server. In addition, the netbooks will soon be offered in the U.S. with an optional Dell Mobile Computing Station, a specialized cart system designed to ease the process of storing, charging, and managing up to 24 netbooks at once. Students can store the units in charging slots, which are also configured to enable IT administrators to remotely update the computers with new software at night. [...]

It all seems very efficient, and likely to become a new standard in the schools of our Brave New World.

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